Masters Ticket Application – How to Register & Get it?

Golf fans can now apply for their favorite Golf tournament as Master Tickets open their application process on 1st June 2022. The tournaments are from 3rd to 9th April 2023 and are the second toughest tickets to obtain.

The application process is conducted online where one can put forth their application for attending the tournament. The tickets will be given out through a selection process.

Usually, an online lottery is the way tickets are sent out to people. Tickets are available through the three price round days from Monday to Wednesday and for daily tournament rounds from Thursday through Saturday for all other than series badge patrons, clubs, tournament employees, and other Augusta Golf club party-related people.

Prices for the tickets are open but Master Tickets are open to bargain. Currently, tickets are available for $100 for a day’s tournament practice round for four people. Tournament round tickets are available at $140 for two people on tournament days.

An applicant can get the tickets only for a single day even if they apply for all the days.

The application for Masters Tickets is an online process where one can create a free account to apply for the tickets.

Almost 35000 to 40000 ticket slots will open for the Masters’ tournament.

Masters Ticket application

To apply for the Masters’ Ticket application, here is what you must do;

Step 1: Log in to their online application through their official Masters’ Tickets website.

Step 2: Create an account or log in to your account to start the Masters’ Tickets application.

Masters’ Ticket application

Step 3: To start the application, click on the Apply Now tab. Add all the essential information asked by the Masters’ Tickets before clicking on the Submit button.

Step 4: After you submit the information it will go for the online lottery process and each ticket selected will be able to enjoy one day’s tournament.

What are the Masters Ticket Application Requirements?

Application requirements you need to fulfill are below;

  1. Only one application per household can apply for the tickets.
  2. Chosen applicants will need to sign a ticket agreement and thereby must be of legal age.
  3. You cannot apply for a ticket on behalf of your friends or family.
  4. Those who get the tickets cannot sell them forth and neither can they gift them to someone else.
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Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must provide an address for them to send you your tickets. Applicants must mandatorily be 21 years old for getting a Masters Ticket for the tournament.

Masters Ticket Benefits

There is only one benefit of Masters Tickets and that is, your capability of watching your favorite sport, Golf with your favorite players in tow. Additionally, if you are a batch owner, it is one of the hardest to obtain. The batches are only the second most difficult to obtain in the games field. The batches can pass on only to the spouse and not to any other family member.


How long is the waiting list for Masters Tickets?

There is no Masters Tickets waiting list but there is a waiting list for badges. The first time it was opened it was in 1972, it happened to grow so long that Augusta closed it in 1978. They opened it briefly again in 2000 and since then they have never opened it ever again.

Can you buy Masters Tickets online?

You cannot buy tickets online and can only get them through an online lottery since demands for the Masters’ Tickets are extremely high.

When to register for Masters Tickets?

You can register from 1st June and make changes to your Masters’ Tickets until 21st June. Post it, if you win the tickets through the lottery, you will receive intimation in September.

Is there a waiting list for Masters Tickets?

Yes, there is a waiting list for the Masters’ Tickets badges but not for tickets; however, it is not open since the year 2000.

Can you transfer Masters Tickets?

No, you cannot sell, transfer, package, or rent Master Tickets with anything else of value like hospitality services, rental, or any other product or service.


The Masters’ Tickets are the second most difficult ticket to obtain and rank only after Super Bowl. Your best shot is to appear for the lottery and even if you have applied for all the days, you will get the tickets only for one of those days. Read this article to gather interesting information about the Masters’ Tickets tournament and its ticketing details.

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