Milestone Credit Card Application (Pre-Approval Guide)

Milestone is a registered Genesis FS card service and the MasterCard is issued by the Bank of Missouri. If you are working hard to achieve your goals and aims, then you must not be behind others due to your poor credit history. The Milestone credit card offers a pre-qualification step whereby you can see if you qualify for the credit card before even applying for it.

With Milestone, you grow, build and access your credit. The Milestone MasterCard is for those who are trying to build their credit history and have a challenging credit situation. To apply for a credit card and also to find out more about it, read the article below.

Steps for Milestone credit card application

There is no way to apply for the Milestone credit card application without getting pre-qualified. Once you are pre-qualified, you will be invited to submit the online application form. You cannot send pre-approval or application via phone or mail address. There is no way to apply for the application without getting pre-qualified for it.

Step 1: To pre-qualify first Click on the given here

Step 2: As soon as you have opened the form, you will reach the page where you can add all your essential details like name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, and social security number (SSN).

Yamaha credit card login

Step 3: Once you press the Apply Now tab, you will know if you have pre-qualified for the credit card immediately. You will receive a message immediately about the pre-qualification, and once done, you will also receive a mail for applying forward.  

what are the Application Requirements?

The Milestone credit card application requirements include;

  1. A social security number (SSN).
  2. A bad or better credit for yourself.
  3. People must have a monthly income and must exhibit an annual income.

Milestone credit card pre-approval Process

The process of credit card pre-approval is present above, and only if you are pre-approved will you be able to apply for the credit card.

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prequalify for Milestone credit card

Who is Eligible?

An eligible person must fulfill either of the conditions given below.

  1. A person should at least be 18 years old to get the card.
  2. Income proof is necessary to ensure you have at least a minimum monthly income or payment.
  3. You need a physical address and not any P.O. address.

How to check milestone credit card application status?

To check the card status, you will need to call them at  (866) 502-6439. If you want to talk to a customer support representative, you can call them from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm PT.

Once you enter your application number, you must add it and proceed with further prompts. With Milestone, you cannot check your application status online.


There are several benefits of having the Milestone credit card with you and the standard benefits include the following;

  1. There is no liability protection, and it is zero for people who own a credit card.
  2. You can replace your card in emergencies.
  3. You can also have a cash advance in an emergency.
  4. You are also eligible for MasterCard ID Theft Protection.

Annual Fees, Credit Limit & Interest Rate

The Milestone annual fee is $75 in the first year, and thereafter it is $99.Annually the credit card company will deduct the annual fee from your funds.

Pros & Cons

Pros: All the benefits that work in favor of the card are the pros, and apart from the benefits the credit card requires no security deposits. You get a line of credit that is revolving and from it, you can subtract an annual fee.

Cons: The credit card also highlights several cons.

  1. You have to give a fee for owning the credit card in the form of an annual fee.
  2. Your credit limit is low, and you get not more than $300 as your credit limit upon approval.
  3. You will not get any rewards or benefits on your credit card.


What bank does Milestone credit card use?

The Bank of Missouri issues the Milestone Gold MasterCard.

Can you have more than one Milestone credit card?

You can only have one Milestone credit card account at this time.

What credit score is needed for a Milestone credit card?

People with a credit score below 640 can get the Milestone credit card.


Here’s a bit about the Milestone credit card, and once you decide in favor of the credit card, come and read this blog to find out more about the credit card application process and other details.

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