Mizzou Application Status – Here is How to Check?

What is Mizzou application?

If you want to apply to the University of Missouri, you can choose between two methods of application.

  1. The traditional way is where you add your existing SAT or ACT scores and apply with them.
  2. Test-optional candidates can get a review done on the basis of their high school transcript and three short essays.

If you also happen to apply for test-optional and meanwhile apply for the test scores as well, if you get the test scores, your test-optional admission will be nullified.

If you wish to be there, then hurry and complete your application form by November 15 of that year for the coming year. Students can choose to apply to more than 300 subjects and pick the one they like the most.

They also add variation to your list and give you a chance to improve your presentation. Adding new test scores, updating transcripts, and adding additional documents, including recommendation letters, is what increases your application’s chances.

Filing the FAFSA is also an important step that ensures you are always open to the best available scholarships.

How to check Mizzou application status?

Once you have completed your application, you need to check your Mizzou application status.

It will also allow you to check your transcript scores, test scores, personal statement, and resume scores.

Also, you can check the status of your scholarship application from this page if you have applied for one.

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At least once a week, the Mizzou university recommends students check the application status.

The next steps of your application only happen when you have been officially accepted as a student at the university.

To check your status, you must complete these steps.

  • Add your email address and password to login to your online account. Alternatively, you can login using your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn details.
mizzou status
  • Once you enter the portal, you will have to reach for the dashboard to gather all the essential details.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can you hear back from Missou?

You can hear from Mizzou within the next five days after you send the application.

But it might take more time to receive their approval.

How do you contact Mizzou University?

You can send them an email at this particular email ID.

Additionally, send a virtual meeting link, connect on Whatsapp, and you can also meet the international student ambassadors if you have questions.

Can you sign up for housing and dining facilities?

If you want to know more about housing, it is better that you start corresponding with them as soon as you get an admission. To understand more about Mizzou housing, connect with them at this link.


All about the Mizzou application: you will get a good understanding of why you need to apply with them, check their application status, and also know more about ways to connect with them. Learn more about housing, and if you are an international student, you can also get a job where you can work almost 20 hours a week.

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