How to Open Mr Price Account Application via SMS/Online?

What is Mr Price account application?

Mr Price is a policy traded retail company with South Africa as its base. If you join Mr Price, you will be entitled to enjoy shopping fashion, home, sports, and cellular products. You can also purchase Airtime and data from the website.

You must pay an initiation fee of R50 once and a monthly service fee of R25. There might be changes in the monthly service fee without a prior intimation if you go for the account. The initiation and the service fee will determine the issuance of credit facilities online.

What do you need to open a Mr Price account?

To open a Mr Price account, you must fulfill the below criteria.

  1. A user can only apply when they are 18 or above and employed with an earning of their own.
  2. One must have a running passport and a valid mobile number.
  3. A proper residential address and must have permission to use your spouse’s address when sharing a property.

How to Apply for Mr Price online Application?

To apply for a Mr. Price account, here are a few steps that can work for you.

  • Visit the given website,
  • Click on the Apply Now button that you can reach by scrolling down on the page a bit.
Price Money credit card
Terms of Price
  • The next page mentions the terms and conditions of opening the account.
  • Agree to them and then click on the Continue tab to move through the application page.
  • The form is for pre-screening, and the first information one must fill in is duration for which you want the account. Choose from the drop down, and select either 6 months, 12, or 24 months.
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Price pre-screening
Employment information Price
  • Now quickly add your Identification card number and type, gender, birth date, name (first, second, and surname) with the mobile number.
  • Next, add your employer’s name, gross monthly salary, employer name, occupation, employment period in months and years.
  • Click on the submit tab to complete the application process.

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How to Open Mr Price account application via SMS?

To apply through SMS, Mr Price account application should be sent to 41536.

Add your ID number followed by your first name, and surname. Add your gross total income for the month followed by your total expenditure.

How to open an account at Mr Price if you are a student?

There is no provision for a student to open an account with Mr. Price. Since you need to pay a transaction fees alongside, it is essential to be employed in some place or the other with a gross annual income.

How to check Mr Price account application status?

To check your status, click on the given link: Check Status now.

Add either your passport number or identification number to determine the status of your application.

Depending on what was used to validate your account information, you might have to add the account details.


How long does it take for a Mr Price account to be approved?

Provided all relevant details of the account can be verified, your account might receive a validation within 24 to 48 hours.

Can I apply for a Mr Price account online?

Yes, you can apply for a Mr. Price account online without any hurdles.

Mr Price account application online South Africa

An account with Mr. Price eases your shopping experience with them. If you are willing to open an account, you can check the details from this site for more information.


To conclude, we can state that if you want to create an account with Mr Price, do read this blog for more information.

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