MSP Online Application Process Guide, Form, Requirements

The Medical Service Plan (MSP) is a health insurance plan that is there to cover the health benefits of the residents of a particular province. It is mandatory to enroll oneself and their family under the MSP. It must be done for individuals as well as their dependents.

Every new resident will need to complete a particular waiting period. It would include two months plus the number of remaining days of the month when the individuals receive resident status in that particular province.

The date when the residency is established by the Ministry of Health depends on a number of factors.

One of the factors influencing the decision is the type of immigration they hold. Secondly, if a Canadian Force member, they will receive coverage from the date of their discharge.

How to get MSP application form online?

To apply through mail, use the paper form.

You will need to send it to Health Insurance BC, Medical Services Plan/Fair PharmaCare,
PO Box 9678 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC  V8W 9P7
after completing the application form.

Requirements & Eligibility

If you want to be eligible for the MSP application, ensure you fit the following criteria.

  • You must be enrolled in MSP and a resident of the province in which you are applying for MSP.
  • Your Canadian citizenship must be proven by your having resided in Canada for a full 12 months.
  • An income tax exemption must not be something one should have.

For supplementary benefits, you need to be eligible for the following;

  • You and your spouse’s age will be considered.
  • Your family size and disability status will need to be noted.
  • Income from Universal Child Care needs to be mentioned.
  • Any registered and beneficial disability savings plan must be implemented.
  • File taxes every year.

Several requirements and eligibility criteria that an individual must meet in order to obtain a healthcare sanction include:

  1. If the one applying is a Canadian citizen, they will need to submit;
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Front and back of the Canadian citizenship card
  4. Passport
  5. Status cards of First Nations
  6. Metis status card
  7. Permanent resident proof;
  8. Record of your landing into the country.
  9. Permanent Residence confirmation
  10. Permanent resident ID
  11. Temporary document holders
  12. Study permit
  13. Work permit
  14. Visitor permit

If your gender is different from what is shown on your ID, you will need to submit a gender change application and also a name change certificate if your name is different from what is shown on your ID.

For PharmaCare and Supplementary Benefits, you will need these application requirements;

  • Social insurance number
  • Net income details for your family through the notice of assessment, or federal income tax return details.
  • Income received from the registered disability savings plan if any.

The revenue details need to be from the last two years and for Supplementary benefits; you will need the most recent ones.


There are several benefits to having health insurance.

  1. Newer migrants and others can find better ways of managing their health
  2. Meeting physicians and being treated by midwives can both be beneficial.
  1. Even diagnostic procedures can be covered, like X-rays, and other such diagnostics.
  2. Under supplementary benefits, you can get covered for services incurred other than those used by midwives and physicians.
  3. You can get your eye exams done and have surgical podiatry done under the supplemental benefit scheme.

How to apply for MSP application Online?

To get the MSP form online that makes it suitable for you to have the medical service plan, Fair Pharmacare, and supplementary benefits, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Use this to start the MSP application and answer the question which asks you if you are going to use the form for MSP.
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MSP application
  • The next question to answer is whether you live in the particular province where you are applying for the MSP.

Also, inform them if any of the household members applying for the MSP will be away from the province for more than 30 days.

In addition, indicate whether there is a returning student, a minor, or a person seeking refugee status in the province.

Next, understand more about the documents you will need to prove your Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, and temporary documents if any to prove your citizenship.

MSP application online
  • Pharmacare eligibility must be verified by filling out the form, and you also need to tell them if you meet their eligibility criteria.
  • Next, start by knowing your needs for applying to Fair PharmaCare.
Fair Pharmacare eligibility
  • Once done, you can choose the programs from the list.
MSP application
  • Read the terms and conditions and confirm the same by completing the captcha.
Information MSP
  • When the application launches, you must begin by entering your personal information.
MSP apply here

After you’ve written all of your personal information, including information about your family members and more about your residency type. Incorporate income or study-related details and add your address, and date of birth-related information.

MSP application for international student

Most international students are covered under iMED health insurance for the first three months they spend in Canada. Your MSP application will be approved for the same period as your last study permit last date. You are protected by iMED Health Insurance. If the iMED plan is not renewed after three months, you can switch to the Global Campus Health Plan.

After your study permit is extended, you can apply online for your MSP. Those whose study or work permit expires before the end of the program can obtain temporary MSP coverage while in the maintained status.

As of January 1, 2020, every permit holder needs to pay $75 for healthcare coverage directly to the province of British Columbia. After your application is approved, you will receive your MSP card in the mail.

MSP application for supplementary benefits

Apply for supplementary benefits soon after you land up in Canada, and study permit holders must remember to pay $75 every month to them. Coverage begins after 2 months from approval and you can apply for it online or by filling out the form and attaching supporting documents. You can visit any healthcare centre and take advantage of the available healthcare scheme simply by dialing this number.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I renew my MSP?

To renew your adult MSP you can do it with the driver’s license renewal. If you do not drive, you can renew your MSP from any driver’s license office available nearby.

  • However, there are exceptions to MSP renewals, and children or the elderly do not need to renew their MSP.
  • Under 19 children also need not renew as they automatically get a non-photo MSP card.

What is my MSP account number?

Your MSP account number will directly reflect on your invoice. Also, you can find the MSP account confirmation letter to find out the MSP number. Using this number alone, you can visit any healthcare center and benefit from the available healthcare scheme.


Here is what you will need to know essentially about your MSP and healthcare coverage options in Canada. Students and work permit holders can easily access the healthcare services and requirements if they wish to apply for it by reading this article which talks of the benefits, requirements, eligibility, and application process.

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