NC State Transfer Application Eligibility, Requirements

Most students do not know which college to attend at first and instead enroll in colleges that meet their basic requirements. But as they move ahead with the course, they understand what could be good for them. It is then that they think of taking a transfer to some other college at a different university. NC State University is one such institution.

What is the NC State transfer application?

Every year, 25% of NC State University’s students are transfer students from other colleges and universities.Most of these transfers happen from community colleges, four-year colleges, and other such universities within and outside of the United States. Most of the engineering colleges are loaded with transfer candidates every year. Engineering and computer science careers are in high demand within the organization.

Transfer admissions to the University of North Carolina are quite tough. Meeting their minimum requirements can only guarantee a review of your application. Thus, one needs to have an overall ability to move ahead with their application process.

NC State Transfer application

To apply for the NC State transfer application, here is what you must fill up.

  • Click on the link available here to start the undergraduate transfer admission process.
  • Login to your account with the common app if you are using it. Once you are on the page, move to the transfer student segment to start your application.
NC State University login
  • After you login, fill in the transfer applicant details and move ahead with the application process. You will have to fill out the following segments: personal details, educational information, previous college or university-related information, other activity details, your recommenders, and the essay you write for them.
  • Pay the application fee, choose a major, submit your transcripts, and then check your email. Do not forget to submit your FAFSA to finish your application.
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Eligibility & Requirements for NC State Transfer Application

You will need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • An $85 non-refundable fee is essential if someone wants to apply to NC as a transfer candidate.
  • Academic high-school transcripts with 24 transferable hours are a must for those applying as a transfer applicant.
  • A common application or a coalition application has to be completed.
  • Official college transcripts must be added.
  • SAT and ACT scores must be included.

Transfer requirements and eligibility vary from one subject to another.

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To be eligible, a candidate will need to complete the following:

  • They must have completed 30 credit hours or more than that in their previous organization.
  • A minimum of four credit hours in English must be completed.
  • A college chemistry course with labs must be done for four credits. Calculus I and II and calculus that is physics-based must be done for four credits each.
  • A minimum of a 2.5 math GPA is a must.
  • A cumulative GPA score of 3 or higher is required.
  • One must be at least 21 years old when going for the degree.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How tough is it to get a transfer to the NC state?

The acceptance rate for NC State University is 46.5%, and it’s highly competitive to apply. However, if you have the best college qualifications, it might be easier to get chosen for their programs.

Deadlines for NC state transfers.

There are three entry options for transfer students: fall, spring, and summer.

For spring, apply by October 1.

During the fall, send your applications by November 1.

In the summer, complete your application by February 15th.

Contact details of NC State transfer application.

There are various reasons why you might want to contact them for the NC Transfer application. You can call them at 919-515-2434 or mail them at [email protected].


Here is what you must know about NC State University if you are planning to go through the transfer application process. Understand the process thoroughly, keep higher grades, and attend all classes to finally make it to NC State University in the concerned subject chosen by you.

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