Neiman Marcus Credit Card Application Online

The Neiman Marcus credit card is a shopping card that allows you to shop not just in Neiman Marcus but also in Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, and Horchow. There is no annual fee for using a credit card in any of the stores.

The benefits of this credit card are many, one being that anyone who spends $1000 annually will be able to get shipping free for two days on their online orders. The minimum credit level is fair for the card. After being approved for the credit card, you will gain 5000 points for the same-day purchase in your account.

The credit card is only useful to those who purchase a lot from the stores, if not, they will not benefit enough to call profits from the credit card.

Notable Credit Card FeaturesNeiman Marcus credit card
Annual Fees$0
Purchase APR25.49% per annum
Balance Transfer APRNA
Minimum credit limit$1000
International purchase transaction feeNo
Credit scores670 – 850
Intro APRNone for 12 months

Steps for Neiman Marcus credit card application

To apply for the Neiman Marcus credit card, you must visit their online site.

Step 1: Press the Apply Now tab after entering the link.

Enter all the personal, professional, and financial details that the site prompts you to fill.

The information you need to fill in includes some typical ones including your SSN (social security number), name, address, work, income, and earnings from different sources.

Verify the information’s accuracy before applying.

Neiman Marcus credit card application requirements

The application requires fulfilling the following;

  1. The credit card scores must be 650 or more.
  2. You must be above 18 years old when applying for a credit card.
  3. Entering of social security number is a must for putting forth the application.
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Who is eligible?

When you fulfill the below criteria, you will be eligible for taking the credit card.

  1. Your income and address must be as per their norms and needs.
  2. If you already own five or more five Capital One credit cards.
  3. You are eligible if you have not defaulted in paying the Capital One credit card bill for any of your cards in the last year.

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Card Benefits

Neiman Marcus credit card benefits include the following;

  1. The credit card reports to major credit bureaus and thus, you can build your credit score using the card.
  2. You get 5000 points as your signup bonus as soon as you take up the credit card. You can use these points towards travel, gifts, and even for other purposes.
  3. The annual fee is zero for the credit card and no one has to pay a penny for its use.
  4. It does not have an introductory APR for 12 months.
  5. You can earn 2 points for every dollar spent with the credit card.
  6. Those members who climb to circle two and above can reward themselves with a double-point day.


Does Neiman Marcus credit cards have limit?

The lower credit limit is $700 and the highest limits are equal to or more than $10,000. The credit limit of the credit card depends on the creditworthiness of the individual asking for the credit card.

What bank finances Neiman Marcus credit card?

If you get approval for their credit card, know the card is issued by Capital One, N.A. The private credit cards of Neiman Marcus are issued by HSBC.

Can you use Neiman Marcus credit card anywhere?

No, you cannot use it everywhere since it is neither an AMEX/VISA/MasterCard nor remains just like an in-store credit card.


To know more about the credit cards of Neiman Marcus, read this article. To get a credit card, your credit score must be 650 or higher. However, they also deny some good credit card score holders on other different grounds often. Check carefully their eligibility requirements and other needs before you apply for it.

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