New Mexico Stimulus Check Application – Quick Guide

The Yes NM is providing stimulus checks and will be delivering them soon to eligible citizens. This will help bring down the inflation that is reeling the country’s economy currently.

The Yes NM application provides a self-service portal and anyone from New Mexico can use it for SNAP benefits, cash assistance, and LIHEAP (Low-income heating & energy assistance). It is available for those who need to regularly monitor their payments and have to find better ways of managing their funds. The government gives them an option to manage everything together in one place.

The application process is easy; however, it might take a while to apply.  You can always finish it at some other time and even paper applications can be filed for it.

You can check the following kind of details from the application;

  1. Upcoming appointments and observable benefits
  2. Verification requirements and missed appointment details.
  3. Change report status and recertification issues
  4. Fair hearing requests and application details like dates, status and other essential information.

Who is Eligible for Yes NM application?

Eligibility of the Yes NM application will include the following;

  1. Anyone who is 65 years or older can apply for Yes NM application.
  2. If you’re responsible for raising a child who is 18 years or younger.
  3. If they are blind and need assistance.
  4. Pregnant females need assistance to support their pregnancy.
  5. Those who have any kind of disability or a family member with any disability.
  6. Low-income individuals apart from all other above kinds.

New Mexico stimulus check application Online Process

The application for the New Mexico stimulus check is available from 26th September 2022 from 09:00 am and is available until 7th October 2022 till 05:00 pm.

  • Start the application process by visiting their website.
  • The first information will include adding your first & last name, driver’s license number/ITIN/SSN.
  • The residential address of New Mexico must go in.
  • If you have a direct deposit option, you can add that information.
  • Families with disabilities or special sicknesses can specify the same in the form.
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Once you have the essential details, you can submit the Yes NM application form.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Yes New Mexico will include;

  • You need to declare your household’s annual income before taxes are deducted.
  • Declare the number of people living in the household.
  • Disability status must also be mentioned and proven.
  • If there are any severe health disorders in the family they need to be told.
  • A social security number (SSN)/ ITIN is a must.
  • New Mexico Driver’s License Number is also required to provide the appropriate identity details.

How to check Yes NM stimulus check 2023 status?

To check the Yes NM stimulus check 2023 status, you don’t have to do anything but merely wait for their emails as they will periodically update you on the status.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is NM giving stimulus checks?

Yes, a stimulus check of $1500 is being given by the New Mexico government. It goes to households that need it the most.

When to expect stimulus check in New Mexico?

Payments for the stimulus checks will be issued by New Mexico at the end of November 2023.


Stimulus checks are being issued by the New Mexico government and those who want to utilize it can do so by either applying for them or by adding up the details and information on their income tax return page (if they filed their taxes for 2020 and 2021).

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