Nexus card Application in Canada & US [Detailed Guide]

The US and Canada share the longest orders in the world but still, you would need a document to cross each other’s borders. There are three types of documents that work in the borders between the US and Canada if you wish to pass through.

  • Your Passport
  • Nexus Card
  • Residency Card

The Nexus card and the passport are accepted in different places altogether. A passport is accepted worldwide and a Nexus card is accepted only between the US and Canada.

With its help, one can easily bypass regular traveler lines and allows you to get through a separate custom line that is shorter and quicker as a process. You can also use global entry benefits with no additional incurring charges.

With a Nexus credit card, you can always utilize the global entry kiosks while entering the United States and also use the TSA Precheck eligibility format. Additionally, when traveling between the US and Canada, you can use the Nexus card as your passport. However, when and if any of the airports do not have a pre-clearance, you may need to put up your passport instead of the Nexus card.

How to Apply for Nexus card Application in Canada?

With the Nexus pass, you can travel by air, land, or sea and it is open to legal US, Mexican and Canadian citizens. The fee charged is US $50 and you can also try a precheck to find out if you fall in the eligibility range for the Nexus card.

To apply for the Nexus card, you must click on the link given below. The application process is similar everywhere but as the Canadian application is not permitted viewing the US application process has been referred to here.

visit Here for the Nexus Card in the US

visit here for Nexus card in Canada

Nexus card

Once you click on the Get Started tab, you will be taken to a page where you will have to consent to enter the Homeland Security computer system.

The next step will be to create an account with them or to enter your sign-in details in the space provided.

Nexus card apply

If you do not have an account, click on the create an account tab for the Nexus card application. To start the process, enter your email address and begin the registration process.

Account Nexus

The applications are processed through the Trusted Traveler Program System (TTP).

Further, you must fill up essential personal, professional, and travel-related details in the space provided.

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Once you submit the application form, you will be able to set an appointment with an official from Homeland Security who would be involved in providing you with a Nexus card.

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What are the Nexus card Application requirements?

The application requires several documents and every country has a different document requirement. Essential information about the document requirements of each country is specified below.

US CitizensCanadian citizen documents
A viable passportA passport that is valid
Birth certificateBirth certificate of individuals applying for Nexus
Photo identity card issued by the governmentGovernment-issued photo identity card
Naturalization certificateA Canadian citizenship certificate
A card allowing border crossingAn Indian Status certificate will also suffice
A US citizenship certificateA permanent resident’s card
A valid permanent resident’s card in case of a permanent residentA landing record
Students will require a study permit & workers will need a work permitStudents will require a study permit & workers will need a work permit

To prove your residency, you will need to submit either of the four documents.

  1. A provincial identification card
  2. A federal identification card
  3. A proper Driver’s license
  4. A current bill or document with the current residential address on it.

Nexus Card Eligibility

The Nexus card eligibility includes the fulfillment of the following conditions;

  1. You should not have any outstanding warrant against you.
  2. There should not be any record of any conviction
  3. No long legal engagement with the law enforcement agency
  4. You must not have violated any immigration, custom, or agriculture-related laws.

How to Renew Nexus Card?

The Nexus members are being told to begin the renewal process 90 days before the expiration of their old cards. To further keep up with the Nexus program, you must apply if you still want the membership.

Once you receive an application from the TTP account you will have a month from then to apply for scheduling an application.

For Canadian citizens, you need to perform three essential tasks for the renewal of the application.

  1. Allow the capturing of your IRIS.
  2. Provide access to the airport Kiosks to report arrival to the US or Canada.

To capture the IRIS, you need to travel to any of the states mentioned below.

  1. Ottawa
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Halifax
  5. Toronto
  6. Vancouver
  7. Calgary
  8. Edmonton

How to check Nexus application status?

To check the Nexus card application status in Canada, you need to follow these steps.

Where did you applyHow to checkSteps to check account
Online applicationsApplications under spouse, partner, or child segmentEngage by creating a tracker account and then sign in
 eTA applicationCheck your status online
 Web Form for checking the applicationChoose Electronic travel authorization under the Type of application> move to Case-specific inquiries > Add possible details
 Applications under any other criteriaMove to the IRCC account securely.
Visit the option that reads view my submitted applications or profiles.
Press on the Check Status and Messages option.
Paper applicationUnder spouse, partner, or child categoriesAdd a tracker account and then sign in
 Online toolUse the online tool that gets updated regularly
 Create an online IRCC accountUse this link to check your application status
 Add your paper applicationLink to your online account for checking it

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Nexus card be used internationally?

No, Nexus cards work only between the US and Canada. The Nexus card does not work in any other country.

Is a Nexus card valid ID in Canada?

If you are part of Nexus and live in the US or Canada, you can use the card for identification purposes and also for citizenship when entering Canada by non-Nexus lanes using land, air, or boat.

Is it hard to get a Nexus card?

If you qualify for a Nexus card, getting it is not hard but if you are not qualifying for it, you might face a tough time.

Can Nexus card holders use global entry?

Yes, they can always use the global entry services to avoid queues and long waiting times.


The Nexus cards are a gateway to a better way of entering Canada or the United States. If you are trying to find out more about the process of application, links, and other details, tap on the information provided here to learn more about it quickly. Avoid all unfavorable circumstances by applying for the Nexus card provisions today.

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