NJ Anchor Program Application 2024 – Who is Eligible for it?

People who pay property taxes can request a credit refund when filing an income tax return. When you file a request for the property tax deduction, it decreases the taxable income amount. Ideally, the law permits you to deduct either $15000 or the property taxes that you pay. There are several programs to help people and one among them is the NJ Anchor program.

What is NJ Anchor Program?

The Affordable New Jersey communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) program is here to help a lot of homeowners and tenants in town. This program is coming up as a replacement for the earlier existing Homestead Benefit program.

Those who pay property taxes for their primary residence either via rent or directly qualify for a deduction of a refundable credit. For those who stay on rent, 18% of the total rent they pay is considered to be property tax.

The number of tenants and the rent paid by each of them is the deciding factor for the property tax amount paid. The property tax credit directly decreases your tax responsibility. Once when you are filing your tax returns, your property tax deduction will benefit you in a good way.

Who is Eligible for NJ Anchor Program?

You are eligible for the NJ Anchor program if you are either a homeowner or a tenant.

For those who are homeowners, here is what you must know if you want to find out your eligibility.

  1. As of 1st October 2019 if you owned a house or condominium, paid property taxes for your unit.
  2. If you shared a residence in a cooperative housing complex with anyone, you will be known for the program.
  3. Those who are a part of continuing care retirement community and according to the contract are supposed to pay a proportionate share of the property tax.
  4. Anyone earning $150,000 as their 2019 gross amount will be liable to pay $1500 as tax.
  5. Individuals earning more than $150,000 as their 2019 gross earnings will pay $1000 toward taxes.
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A tenant will be a tenant if they fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  1.  If they rented a condominium, house, or flat.
  2. Those who took a mobile home on rent located in a mobile home park.
  3. Renters earning up to $150,000 as 2019 gross income will pay a tax of $450.

If your property is located in tax-exempt land or subsidized or campus housing, you will not be eligible for the tax exemption.

NJ Anchor program application Online

To apply for the NJ Anchor program application, you must add your identification number and PIN in the given segments to log in. Once you enter, you must add the application details which will include personal information and professional and educational information. Enter your tax details and also add your income and other related details in the given segment.

Homeowners can apply for the NJ Anchor program either through the online application process. They can also use the paper application or order applications by calling them.

Video Tutorial

What are the application requirements?

Application requirements will include the following;

  1. Taxpayer identification number (TIN)
  2. Include your PIN
  3. You will also need to enter your primary birth year in the given space
  4. Add your social security number (SSN) also in the provided space.

Program Benefits

The program benefits will include $1500 for $150, 00 and $1000 for benefits above $150, 000. Several people will benefit from this program.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When does New Jersey Anchor program start?

The essential details about the New Jersey Anchor program were mailed on 12th September to individuals and the last date for the New Jersey Anchor program is 28th February 2023.

Is NJ anchor program Legit?

There is no way the program can be termed illegitimate. Nothing about the NJ Anchor program is considered in any way absurd.


The NJ Anchor program is one of the best that can bring relief to all those who are right now trying to set their finances right. If the NJ Anchor program works well then many will be eligible for an amount that they can use for other essential services and living needs.

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