NJ Family Leave insurance application Online?

If you have a new addition to the family or wish to spend some time with a newborn or care for an ailing family member, you can apply for the NJ Family Leave Insurance scheme.

Under this structuring, an individual will be paid during the first 12 months soon after the child’s birth or adoption. Even supporting an ailing family member can be taken up if the condition is certified by a health care provider (HCP). Care can be given for six weeks consecutively, on intermittent weeks, and for 42 days intermittently.

The leave insurance provides benefits in the form of money and is not a payment against the leaves.

Steps for NJ family leave insurance application

NJ FamilyCare application

You can apply for the program via the online portal, mail, or fax. You can start your leave application two months in advance and save it as a draft. Once you start with the leave, you can come back and complete your application form. When you begin the application as soon as your leave begins, you can do it within 30 days from the day your leave begins.

Visit the online platform to start the application process.

  1. Create your online ID and password by creating the claimant registration.
  2. Add your name, social security number and confirm the same.
  3. Include your email address and phone number.
  4. Add online ID and password also include additional security questions and complete the application form.
  5. Now go back and complete the application form for initiating the NJ family leave insurance program.

What are the application requirements?

Given your employer is part of the Family Leave Insurance program; you must have a payroll contribution set for yourself.

  1. At least a year with an employer will make you eligible for the leave.
  2. You must have completed at least 1000 years of work under the employer.
  3. Your income as a whole within all the quarters will be considered for providing the benefit.
  4. At least 20 weeks with $220 weekly or $11,000 in four quarters contribute to your annual earning.
  5. Even if you have recently lost your job but need the NJ family leave insurance, you can go ahead and apply for the scheme.
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Who qualifies for NJ family leave insurance?

To be eligible for the NJFLI program, you must be a citizen of New Jersey and must work in an office with at least 50 employees. The office must be located within a 75-mile radius of your home.

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One can receive up to 80% (2.3rd of your average weekly salary) of their total salary during the 12-week time. You can draw the money from the debit card that is mailed to you during this period. Your salary and payments will start within 3-4 weeks from your application.

Contact Details

Either try nj.gov/labor/myleavebenefits/ or email to [email protected] and you can call 609-292-7060 for more information.


How much does NJ family leave insurance pay?

It pays 2/3rd of your weekly wage.

Is NJ family leave insurance taxable?

It is taxable under Federal laws of income tax but not under the NJ state income tax.


If you live in New Jersey, you can apply for a 6-week consecutive or intermittent leave for caring for a seriously ill family member or to care for a newborn adopted or born in the family.

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