How to fill out NJ Universal Title application?

Recently there is an application laid down by the New Jersey motor vehicle commission that goes by the number, (OS/SS-UTA R1/20). When applying for a duplicate, vessel, or replacement title you can go ahead and use the form to lay down the application for your needs.

What is Universal Title application?

Title correction and adding lien or deleting a lien one will need this application. In some situations, you might have to fill outForm OS/SS-7 (commonly known as CO-7). If the vehicle was previously outside New Jersey, you will have to check it in or when you need to submit paperwork for ATVs, non-titled units, trailers, and anything of any kind.

Basically, the NJ Universal tittle application will replace a few forms which you might need to use as and when you need them.

  1. Duplicate certificate of ownership(OS/SS-52)
  2. Correction application for your vehicle (MVS-2)
  3. Financial statement or adding lien application (OS/SS-85C)
  4. Certificate of ownership application (OS/SS-7)
  5. Certificate of title for vessel application (OS/SS-27)

The dealer must affix a New Jersey sales tax stamp with the UTA for sending the application for a title for the first time.

How to fill out NJ Universal tittle application?

The form is not available for online filling and will need to be downloaded from the platform.

For this purpose, you will need to fill up the following fields;

  1. Add the title transaction type
  2. Vehicle/ Vessel information
Vehicle informationVessel information
NJ License Plate NumberHull Identification Number
Vehicle identification modelYear/make/fuel type
Year/make/modelHull material and length
Color/weight/body typePopulation Type
If any correction is needed on the vehicleIf any correction is needed in the vehicle.
  • Owner information for the vehicle
  • Driver License Number
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Co-owner driver’s license number
  • Alter the Lienholder information (you will have to complete it only when you wish to change the vehicle lien)
  • Information about the representatives
  • For duplicate titles, check all that applies to it and attach the necessary documents for the ownership and lienholder.
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An individualBusinessesLienholder
A valid photo identificationProper photo identification cardPhoto identification card is valid
NJ Registration or Insurance cardNJ Registration or Insurance cardNJ Registration or Insurance card
Letter for Lien releasePower of Attorney/Authorization LetterPower of Attorney or authorization letter
  • Add recipient information, and then attach the necessary certifications with the owner’s signature.

Send this application, fee, copy of the IDs, and other supporting documents to the following address:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission,
225 East State Street, MOS Special Services,
PO Box 150,
Trenton, NJ 08666-0017

What are the NJ Universal tittle application requirements?

Application requirements will include fulfilling the following conditions;

  1. Owners of the vehicle will need to submit proof of ownership.
  2. Authorization proof also needs to get submitted
  3. The owner must provide proper identification proof when putting an application forward.
  4. To release a lien or for power of attorney, you will have to show original papers.

Who is Eligible for NJ Universal Title application?

Eligibility will generally involve owners having the right information about the vehicle.

1. The owner must be ready to pay the fees for the required changes

Title Fee in New Jersey- $60

To add a lien with the title- $85

2. When mailing the application, the fee should be paid as a personal check, cashier’s check, or as a money order that you can pay at NJ MVC.

3. Signatures of the applicant must be done only in blue or black ink.


When you wish to know more about this newly introduced form that is going to serve as a replacement, you must read about it more to understand it better. This form is replacing many other forms and thereby a clear date of discontinuation of other forms is already laid out. The best you can do is replace it as soon as you can.

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