NJFP Application Form Online (Check Requirements)

What is the NJFP application portal?

The NJFP stands for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme. This program is an initiation by the UNDP or United Nations Development Programme and the Federal Government of Nigeria. The program is dedicated to empowering the youth of Nigeria. The young graduates of Nigeria can now apply for a variety of jobs through the jubilee fellows program application portal.

The program was launched on 31st August 2021 and has various kinds of vacancies and job openings for individuals to apply. The aspirants can now apply online through the NJFP application portal.

njfp application form

How to NJFP application forms PDF download?

To download the NJFP application form in the PDF manner you will need to follow these few simple steps:

  • Go to the NJFP website.
  • After the page opens you have to select the tab “Apply Now” on the top right corner of the website.
  • After that, you will need to register by entering your credentials and then download the application form PDF.

How to apply for Nigeria jubilee fellows program online?

To apply for the Nigeria jubilee fellows program or the NJFP 2021 online you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of NJFP by clicking on the above link.
  • After that click on “Apply Now” and then register or log in by providing credentials.
  • On logging in you will get to see the various job vacancies where you can apply and then apply for that Job Role by clicking on the tab.
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The general requirement for any role for applicants with the NJFP or the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is as follows:

  • The applicants should be a citizen of the country of Nigeria.
  • The applicants must be either equal to or less than 30.
  • Apart from this, the students’ requirements depend on their Job Roles.

NJFP application portal opening/Closing date

The NJFP or the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme application portal was first launched on 31st August 2021 and therefore the opening date of the application portal was also 31st August 2021. Similarly, the last date or the deadline for the NJFP application portal is 20th October 2021.


The NJFP has many benefits. The program aims to provide relief to young graduates affected by the Coronavirus. The job role provides the applicants with job security and ensures that the applicants are offered competitive salaries based on their competencies.

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