NMU Application Process (Requirements, Status, Prospectus)

NMU(Nelson Mandela University) online application can be filled by first-time applicants and also existing students willing to apply for other programs within the University. The applicants must have an identity card issued by the South African government and must possess a working email address. If you’re an international student, you must have your passport number to apply to Nelson Mandela University. 

NMU online application 2023

NMU online application has to fulfill several requirements so applicants need to use the below checklist for reference.


Requirements for the NMU application will vary slightly from one course to another, however, the basic requirements remain the same.

  1. A certified copy of your 11th and 12th exam.
  2. School completion certificate
  3. Certified copy of any diploma or any other courses undertaken.
  4. Birth ID (6 copies)
  5. Two copies of the ID of your parent or guardian
  6. Subject-specific marks and % of marks received per subject.
  7. A copy of your marriage certificate needs to be submitted, if applicable.
  8. A disability assessment form has to be filled in whenever there is any disability in a person.
  9. Residential proof
  10. One passport size photograph

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NMU online

NMU online application can be filled by following the below procedure,

  • Go to the NMU website and register with them.
  • Once you have generated a login ID and password, you can go then proceed to the next step. As the first step answer if you possess a South African ID card.
NMU online apply
NMU University application
NMU application
  • Proceed by entering your passport number if you are an international applicant or your South African ID.
NMU apply online passport number
  • After a few more prompts, you will start the application and there are two distinct segments you will need to answer for the online application basic information. Once you submit this information, you will receive a mail for completing the section.
  • When you click on the link, you will have to add the PIN and student number sent to you. You will next, need to answer if you are applying for an undergraduate course for the first time. Fill in this segment and complete the application form and then click on the Submit tab.
  • Let them know if you’re currently pursuing your 12th or final year of schooling.
  • Now click to continue as a new applicant.
  • Further, enter your ID number to continue with the application process.
  • Next, fill in all the required details and then attach all the required documents.
  • Attach your photo and then apply.
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How to check NMU Application Status?

To check the NMU application status follow the below process.

  1. Visit the Mandela Admission page.
  2. Then, Enter your first and last name, email address and password in the suitable places.
  3. Now hit the next button and you will find the status of your application on that page.
  4. You can check your documents and add additional documents if required.
  5. Every time, you want to check your application, you’ll have to log in to the NMU website portal every time.

NMU Undergraduate Fees

NMU undergraduate application fees are $35

The detailed fee structure is mentioned in the prospectus for each of the courses separately.

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NMU online Prospectus

The prospectus tells you all about the courses and their structure, fees, and timelines. A single prospectus for all courses can be downloaded easily from the site. It also mentions all the requirements in detail and additionally informs you about various links you need to follow to complete your application form to get admission into your chosen stream or field.

Opening & closing date.

NMU online application’s final closing date to complete the application form is 30th September 2022.

Last Dates of ApplicationSubjects
30 June 2022MBChB and Bachelor of Radiography (BRad)
04 August 2022Early applications (excluding MBChB & BRad).
30 September 2022Late applications, international student applications and student housing applications

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Nelson Mandela University admissions still open for 2023 applications?

Currently, they are not open and late applications are also closed for most of the departments. however, you can always contact the University to find out if they have any ways of considering your application this late.

What is the minimum NSC score for NMU admissions?

For mathematical or Technical Mathematics An applicant must have a score of 350 and those who just need Mathematics literacy will need an NSC score of 365 in Grade 12.


NMU applications are already closed for the year 2023 but if there is a candidate for 2024 prior knowledge and information are essential. Reading more about the courses and the requirements will equip you for a better online application process. Also, it is one of the quality grade colleges available and if you want to take on their applications and admissions, do refer to this article

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