Northeastern University Application Portal Status – How to Check?

There are many educational courses at Northeastern University. However, a more significant problem students face is not understanding what portal is legit. Also, many applicants don’t know where to apply. It occurs because there are many websites for a single course. 

Gladly, Northeastern Application has created a single portal that will take every course’s admissions. We’ll cover more aspects of the Northeastern application portal in this article. But first, let’s learn what this portal means.

What is Northeastern Application Portal?

Northeastern University, situated in Boston, was established in 1898, conducts research, and provides numerous programs. These programs include both graduate and undergraduate courses. Presently, there are 27,602 students successfully undertaking their education at this University. 

Now, the University has an open Northeastern Application Portal consisting of application forms for all courses. Therefore, you don’t need to visit another website for a specific course because you will find them under one roof. In addition, it allows all the essential document submissions. 

Application forms for prevalent graduate and undergraduate programs offered by Northeastern University are:

  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Social Sciences
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • ACCT
  • Accounting (CPS)
  • CPS Anthropology (ANT)
  • Marketing 

There are more courses to go for at Northeastern University. 

How to check the Northeastern application portal status?

Students applying for their preferred courses at Northeastern University on the Northeastern Application Portal post 1st August 2022 can check their application status. You need to visit the University’s official website for the same. 

Here are the steps to check Northeastern Application Portal Status:

  • Launch the ‘’ portal on any web browser.
  • Log in with your correct details. Enter your email ID and password.
  • You will get a temporary pin. Enter the PIN during the login process. 
  • Set a password. You need to create a password in your birth format, i.e., MM/DD/YYYY. 
  • Check your application status. 

You won’t get the application status immediately after the application. Candidates must check after 24 hours after finishing submitting their application at Northeastern Portal. The University takes 24 hours to review your application and whether you are eligible for it. 

So, ensure that you have entered all your information correctly and submitted valid documents. Else, your application will be directly rejected by the University. The portal will inform candidates with a single update on their application process. Also, students will receive financial aid award details on the website. 

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Even though the application status check process is convenient, some students make errors while logging in. So, let’s look at the login process at Northeastern Application process in detail.

How to log in to the Northeastern application process?

We’ll look at the step-by-step instructions of the Northeastern Application login process, so you don’t make any mistakes.

  • Visit the ‘’ website on your browser.
  • The page will redirect you to the login page.
  • Make your username, i.e., secure PIN for your website.
  • Provide personal details, such as first and last names, contact numbers, and education information.
  • Enter your employer details.
  • Select a language. Else, you can submit English language test marks on the portal.
  • Graduate applicants must submit a resume, personal statement, and other transcripts. (A personal statement is a 500 to 1000 word declaration document by the student.)
  • Undergraduate students must be prepared for diploma certificates, GPA scores, and other transcripts.
  • The transcripts must be sent through email or mail.

You can fill out an application once you complete the login process at Northeastern University. A single login process allows students to access the portal anytime with the application. 

Note: Each course has its own requirements. Also, prerequisites vary from undergraduate to graduate programs. Therefore, before applying, go through the requirements and eligibility criteria adequately. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Northeastern notify you of acceptance?

Northeastern University’s notifications depend on your time of submission. For example, Early Decision 1 students applying for their courses will receive the notification of acceptance by 15th December.

Similarly, Early Decision 2 students applying for their courses will receive the notification of acceptance by March 1.

How much time is required to get approved for a Northeastern application?

Early Decision 1 students applying for their courses will receive approval by 1st February.

Early Decision 2 students applying for their courses will receive the approval by 1st March. In a nutshell, all applicants will get approval notice by the 1st of April.


Today, Northeastern University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Moreover, it is ranked at 176 position in the world’s most elite education places list. They offer the finest internship programs that get students high-package jobs. So, start applying at the Northeastern Application Portal. Students must ensure that they have scored well on tests that are required in the course’s eligibility criteria.

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