How to check NPC application status? (Complete Guide)

The National Population Commission jobs are available and those who apply for them can go online and do so.

Recently, the National Population Commission (NPC) put forth an ad-hoc staff application forth for the trial census that is ongoing and is due in 2023. During the application, you will have to enter your phone, email, and contact address. Those who get through their position requirements will be contacted via the contact addresses that are provided to them. But those candidates who are not contacted can check the application status. The results are yet to be out and those who want to know their application status can do so by closely following this write-up.

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How to check for the NPC application status?

The NPC application can be digitally filled out by the candidates. To check the NPC application status, you will have to follow the below way. Usually, you will have to wait for the first fifteen days before you can check on your NPC application status.

  • Visit the site as given here.
NPC application status
  • You must enter your application code after clicking on the check application status tab.
NPC application details
  • Press the proceed tab to continue with the application process.
  • Under the shortlisted candidate list, click to view the full list.
  • Check beside your name and post the tag. If you are not approved, it will show a pending state.
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What does pending and approved status means for the NPC applications?

Pending means individuals can still wait for their results which might take some time.

Approved in the NPC application means the candidature of the applicant is already considered to fit their needs. When they pass the candidate, the approved tab appears before the name of the applicant.

What is the next step after checking the application status?

Once the application status approval is received, you will need to submit the bank details. Include your right account number and then choose the bank and all the detailed information.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When was the screening done for the successful NPC applicants?

Screening is a process where suitable candidates are taken into account through suitable sessions. It was done on 29 December 2022 for the successful NPC applicants.

When was the virtual training done for them?

Virtual training is whereby the chosen candidates are given proper training virtually to avoid moving from one place to another. is done from 3rd January to 10th January 2023.


NPC is taking newer people for different positions. If you wish to understand better about their positions and how to apply for the posts, you can do so by reading and going through the details provided in the advertisements that come out for their positions from time to time.

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