How to Apply for NZ Citizenship Application [Complete Guide]?

New Zealand is a beautiful place to be and for those who wish to migrate, New Zealand can be the next best place. If you wish to find out about New Zealand and how one can take their citizenship, you can find out the details here.

New Zealand citizenship eligibility criteria and requirements would incorporate a lot of different eligibility criteria fulfillment. Find out more about New Zealand citizenship details from this article.

Who is Eligible for NZ Citizenship?

True eligibility for NZ citizenship will include fulfilling the following eligibility conditions.

  1. For New Zealand citizenship, individuals need to be present in New Zealand for at least 1350 days and a minimum of 240 days for five years.
  2. They will also have an English requirement whereby English needs to be known as their language by them.
  3. Individuals need to be of good character for obtaining citizenship.
  4. Criminal offences are very likely entertained for meeting citizenship criteria.
  5. If you have 100 or more demerit points for your driver’s license acquired in the last 2 years or convicted for a crime in the last 3 years you need to mention it. Also, if you spend any time in prison in the last 7 years or have been sentenced to prison for more than 5 years.

What are the requirements for New Zealand citizenship?

The requirements for New Zealand citizenship include the following;

  1. You must submit proof of your demerit points on your driver’s license and also details about your conviction.
  2. To become a New Zealand citizen, you must have a witness who can confirm your presence.
  3. Include your original documents in the New Zealand citizenship application.
  4. Add two photos that are identical to each other.
  5. You must also gather a payment card for paying the fee.
  6. Provide proof of your English speaking skills by providing at least one of the following certificates-
  7. School certificate or report
  8. International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  9. You can also provide them with the employer reference letter and the University academic record
  10. Include your university certificates like your bachelor’s diploma, masters or PhD degree certificates.
  11. You need to provide proof of living in New Zealand when you apply for citizenship and also your plans of living ahead.
  12. Even if you are a Samoan citizen, and if you entered New Zealand after 14 September 1982, you must have;
  13. A residence permit or visa, or
  14. A permanent resident visa and or
  15. Australian citizenship or permanent resident visa.

For those who joined before 14 September 1982, you will have to provide the following;

  • Include your passport and a letter from the employer confirming that you worked with them.
  • You can also submit a letter from your school stating you were at their school.
  • Also, add anything that says you were there with them during this entire period.
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How to Apply for NZ citizenship application?

You can apply in-person, by post or online for NZ citizenship application.

  • To send your application by post, you must collect all your supporting documents, photos, form, and payments to the Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 10680, Wellington 6143, New Zealand. An appointment schedule will be sent back to you.
  • When you have to apply in-person, you need to take your application form filled completely and also provide your application fee.

Use any 3 of the public counters to make your applications- Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

NZ citizenship application
  • You will next need to create a login detail with Real Me and if you don’t have an account, you must register a new account for yourself.
NZ citizenship online application
  • Include your details like your contact number, email address, original birth record, and recent passport. You might also have to provide your social union proofs and other such details.
  • Add the details of an identity referee with their recent passport, and must have known you for at least a year. They should not be related to your extended family and must not live in the same house.

Include their complete name, birth date, email ID, contact number, current residential address, and their New Zealand passport number.

  • A copy of all your original documents and a professional English language proficiency proof.
  • Include a passport photo, and have a device with internet access and a camera.
  • You must also have a debit and credit card to pay off the fees.

Submit the New Zealand citizenship application after filling it up completely.

Contact Details

New Zealand citizenship-related issues can be resolved with them by calling them to 0800 22 51 51.

You can also dial +64 4 462 0651

Email them at [email protected] or [email protected].

You can also mail them at PO Box 10680, Wellington 6143.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does New Zealand give citizenship?

Yes, it does give citizenship status however, there is a certain process that you need to fulfill for the application.

How to check my NZ citizenship application status?

If you have an NZeTa reference number, you will have to enter it alongwith your passport number and nationality.

How long does it take to get a NZ citizenship?

It can take 7 to 12 months to approve an NZ citizenship application.

Where to get NZ citizenship application form?

You can get the NZ citizenship application form here for filling up for offline mode submissions.


The NZ citizenship application is the only way to reside there. If you wish to apply with them you can find the essential details here for reference. Those who are already staying in New Zealand and have already made a home there might very well wish to continue their lives without having to migrate further. Know the process of application well to move ahead with it.

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