OCI Application Form Eligibility & check Status

OCI or the overseas citizen of India application is one such application which is for people who want a permanent residence of Indian and are of Indian origin. People who want to live in Indian can apply for this for themselves as well as for their spouses.

With this application, they can live in India indefinitely. If any unfortunate circumstance comes the government can ask them to live in the country as well. There are certain criteria that people need to fulfil to get this application done.

Thus the application to get a permanent resident in India is known as the OCI application. Follow the article to know how to check OCI application status.

oci application status apply online

How to check OCI application status in Canada?

It generally takes 7-15 working days to proceed with the entire process after all the documents are submitted.

  • The process may extend due to unwanted circumstances. From Canada, one can visit the official website and check the status. Next, the OCI issuance book will again take 6-10 weeks which is quite a long time.
  • Here there is almost a hectic process that may extend as well.
  • Then the OCI matchup is one that again takes3-5 working days after the submission of documents and the passport.
  • This is the standard time and if this passes then one can visit the official website and check the status from Canada.
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How to Check OCI Application Status in the UK?

Their official website is always a good option otherwise the office where the application is submitted.

How can I track my application?

If you wish to track your application all you need to do is get your unique id or the reference id and go to their official website and track.

How long does it take to process the application?

It takes about three to four months generally for the application to process and the outcome. The process may take some extra time under certain circumstances. 

OCI application status under process meaning?

After all, the documents are submitted and the passport is given it takes some time to process the entire situation and then finally the application to be submitted. If your status is “processing” that means your application is somewhere in the middle and is going through one of the steps.

Application status no record found: what to do?

One can contact the officials and the contact details are there on the website. The reference id is required for this process.

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