The Official Boyfriend Application PDF – How to Fill out?

The official Boyfriend Application: dating sites are mostly where girls meet their boyfriends in today’s world. With the world being more complicated, a girl’s safety is of utmost importance. There is no way to be safe in the initial few days of dating than having written confirmation of certain basic facts about a man that can serve as an alibi in times of duress.

Once a girl is completely confident about his mate, this written form might not be valuable at all but till then it can be a great means of turning to the law if things don’t go well. Legal procedures even to date don’t accept chats or WhatsApp messages as legal.

How to fill out Official Boyfriend Application

How to Fill out the Official Boyfriend Application?

To fill out the application form, you must add the information in the following sections.

  1. Personal details like name, hair color, eye color, address, (current and residential),
  2. Contact details like your email, phone and IM information need to be collected.
  3. Reasons why some girls should choose a boy and also need to tick on the facts and enter details that specify more about them as individuals.
  4. A brief and true relationship background is essential to mention in the form.
  5. References and certifications need to be specified in the application. The references will be common points who know you as well as the other individual involved in the relationship.

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What are Application Requirements?

The application requirements will include adding the following;

  1. References are the common points of contact who know you as well as the other half.
  2. Your details must be covered in the application like your past relationship and reasons for breaking up.
  3. Include all essential details about yourself in the application about yourself.

How to download the Official Boyfriend Application PDF?

Download the Official Boyfriend application form as given on their official website

Include your information online and then download the form to take a print of it.

You can on the other hand download it first, take a print and write the application.


With the growing complexities, it is obvious you must be careful while getting into relationships. Simpler ways of form filling can help as they can serve as written proofs whenever things go wrong between the two of you. It also serves as an initial way to introduce you to the other person so that the person can begin trust-building from the very beginning.

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