Ohio Medicaid Application Online: Are you Eligible?

What is Ohio Medicaid application?

The Medicaid plan is based on Section 1331 of the Affordable Care Act and involves health coverage of different families over a period. Ohioans can choose the Medicaid plan for all their treatment requirements whether children or elderly. The plan is governed by federal Medicaid rules and regulations.

To get the benefits, Ohio residents must apply for the program by filling up an application form. Medicaid is capable of providing needy individuals of every age with free or low-income treatment options. There are several Medicaid programs to choose from even in Ohio.

Eligibility determination is done after considering various factors. Read the below details to identify more about the program and its requirements.

Steps for Ohio Medicaid Application online

You might not know if you qualify for Medicaid hence, you must apply for it to know if you apply for any of the programs. You can apply for Medicaid using the online marketplace or through your state Medicaid agency.

  1. To start an application through the marketplace, visit official website.
  2. Select your state from the drop-down menu and then click on the Apply Now tab.
  3. It will take you to a page where the first question asks you to check if your State uses the healthcare.gov site.
  4. Once you have clicked on Ohio from the drop-down menu, you can find out more about the login information.
  5. The login must be done by adding your first name, last name, and email address.
  6. Next, select a password between 8 and 20 characters and add both uppercase and lowercase letters with one or more numbers.
  7. Choose three questions only you can answer as your security questions and even select the answers to them.
  8. Finally, consider their terms and conditions and click on the checkbox before clicking on the Create Account button.
  9. Once done, fill up the entire application form and then submit it.
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What are the Application Requirements?

There are several application requirements for the Medicaid program.

  1. You must be a United States citizen and a resident of the state of Ohio.
  2. The individuals applying must possess their own social security numbers.
  3. Financial eligibility must be met by all the applicants.
  4. You must possess a national ID whose copy must be submitted.
  5. Application requirements also include submitting income proofs in the form of payslips and other documents.
  6. One must be 65 years of age and above to apply for the Ohio Medicaid plan.

Ohio Medicaid eligibility criteria

Different eligibility criteria include answers to the following conditions.

On the first page you must fill in the below details:

  1. For whom are you considering the Medicaid program?
  2. If the individual applying for the Medicaid program is single or married.
  3. Where is the person concerned living- home, with a family member, assisted living, rehab, or nursing home?
  4. Age and reason for individual application and also state if the individual is a widower or war veteran of any sort.
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application

On the second page, you must declare the following:

  • Household income status of the patient’s family, insurance policy if any, and the amount of the policy.
  • Does a person applying for Medicaid have a home?
  • Total financial assets and total estimated annual income.
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application

On the third page, add the following;

  • Add the state and county.
  • Any current benefits for the Medicaid plans
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application
Ohio Medicaid Application

How to Check Ohio Medicaid application Status?

You can call the voice interaction system at 1-844-640-OHIO to check your application status.

To check your status online, you must log in to your user portal, and login by filling in the portal details.

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What is the monthly income limit to qualify for Medicaid?

The monthly income limit to qualify for Medicaid is given below;

Income statusNursing Home MedicaidRegular MedicaidMedicaid waivers
For a single person’s earning
1) Income Limit  
$2382 for a month$794 a month$2382 every month
2) Asset Limit  $2000$2,000$2000
3) Care Level requiredNursing Home levelNoneNursing Home
For a married couple with applications coming from both spouses.
1) Income Limit  
$4,764 for a month$1,191 every month$4,764 for a month
2) Asset Limit  $3,000$3,000$3,000
3) Care Level requiredNursing Home levelNoneNursing Home
For a married couple with just one spouse applying, 1) Income Limit  $2,382 per month$1,191 for a month$2,382 per month
2) Asset Limit  $2,000 for the person applying and & $130,380 for the non-applying members$3,000$2,000 for the person applying and & $130,380 for the non-applying members
3) Care Level requiredNursing Home levelNoneNursing Home


Here’s a bit about the prevalent Medicaid program in Ohio. If you are planning to apply and have some doubts, you must read the entire article given here.

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