www.okdhslive.org renewal application Online Process (In Steps)

Okdhslive application is an easy way to find out if you are eligible for a food benefit or a Sooner Care Medicaid. You can additionally use this website to renew your application to cover your SNAP eligibility with sooner care or child care.

You can also request them these benefits for the first time as well by using this site. Childcare is possible for children up to 13 years of age and for disabled children child care period is extended till 19 years of age.

Additionally, you can apply for benefits and even request the benefits form.

Child benefits are electronically transferred to the parent’s accounts and there is a card that is used to track the benefit transfer. 

www.okdhslive.org renewal application Online Process (In Steps)

To claim okdhslive renewal application, you have to register with the site;

To do this you need to visit the www.okdhslive.org registration page.

okdhslive renewal application

Step 1. Click on Register now button.

Step 2. Input your first and last name into the box space provided.

Step 3. Then input your date of birth also in the given space.

Step 4. Email address and password need to be entered in separate given sections.

Step 5. Select three secret questions and then answer the same in the text provided.

Step 6. Click on the Submit button once done.

Step 7. After registration, you will see the options like Apply for benefits, renew benefits, view open cases, Upload document, Change password, and Find your worker.

submit application now

Step 8. Further, click on the option you want to apply for.

You can additionally take a printout of the application and submit it directly to their office or mail it to them as well.

To renew the application for the services provided by the site you will have to follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Enter the renewal information into FACs.
  • Evaluate the renewal information from the verification & data exchange screens.
  • Add notes to explain any change that would help determine your eligibility.
  • Submit these changes into the system.
  • Image of renewing my benefits section and verification needs to be submitted or tagged by the household.
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Services Provided by okdhslive.org application

There are services that Okdhslive application provides and these will be as follows:

  1. Food Benefits are their top priority
  2. SoonerCare and ChildCare are two other programs covered by them.
  3. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  4. Low-income energy assistance program (LIHEAP)
  5. Breakfast and Lunch Program
  6. Women, Infants, and Children welfare is another
  7. Citizenship and Benefits is one of the most popular
  8. Replacement cards, Child Tax Credit and income scaling through tax credits are some more programs.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What number do you call to renew the food stamps in Oklahoma?

You can either call (405) 521-3444or the toll-free number (1-866-411-1877) and you can even email them at [email protected].

How much should your income be for getting the benefits?

An individual will need to have an income of $25760 annually to be able to receive the benefits. Two people in a household cannot earn more than $34840 and three people in the household cannot earn more than $43920 annually for getting the benefits.

How do you know if you have cash benefits on your EBT card?

You can do free balance inquiries by calling the toll-free number 1-888-328-6399 or through www.connectebt.com. You can also check the food account at food stores and also at ATMs where EBT cards are accepted.

How much do you get for one person through the SNAP program?

A single person will get $281 and two people will get $516. The amount will increase with the rise in the number of family members.

What kind of assistance programs works for Okdhslive application?

Apart from SNAP, there are numerous other benefits that Okdhslive application can provide you. Find out details from the article above.


Know that everybody who earns from SNAP in Oklahoma can take home something extra for that month. If you want to understand how it works, read more about it. Okdhslive application provides you with plenty of options, one of them being SNAP. There are several programs they target and SNAP is just one of them. SNAP is the most popular program and with the coming of October, a lot is being distributed for families to have a little more than what they need.

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