How to get Old Navy credit card pre-approval?

Old Navy brings you the most stylish designs at an affordable range. If Old Navy works for you, then there is a chance you could try applying for its credit card. There are two types of cards- open and closed credit cards.

Open credit cards are approved by VISA and can work anywhere and everywhere. Closed credit cards are store cards that work in select stores approved by Old Navy.

To understand the Old Navy credit card pre-approval process, you must move to your Synchrony Bank website.

old navy credit card pre-approval

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How to get Old Navy credit card pre-approval?

  1. Add your phone number and social security number to begin the process.
  2. Once the site opens for you, check for any pre-approved offers.
  3. If you can seek pre-approval, on your Synchrony bank page, you will see all those credit cards which will provide the highest approval odds for you.
  4. The pre-approval process with Old Navy does not impact your credit scores in any way.
  5. Only if you submit the application, Old Navy will do a hard pull on your card.

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How to qualify for an Old Navy credit card?

For the Old Navy credit card, you must have a FICO score of 620 or even higher if possible.

If you are planning for an Old Navy Visa card, you must have a 670 FICO score or anything close to it.

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You must have a valid email address, cell phone number, and an SSN for getting approved with the credit card.

Even a valid mailing address (physical address) is needed to apply for a credit card.


The card is good for those who shop regularly from Old Navy. If someone is not shopping from Old Navy even then the VISA card can be beneficial since it can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.

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