Oportun Credit Card Application Online – Are you Pre approved?

The Oportun credit card is a freedom seeker for its owners when going out on special and even on ordinary days. With the Oportun card dining, shopping, and living become easier. No longer do you need to carry stacks of cash everywhere you go, instead, all your bills come together into your credit card account. Payment is easy and so is keeping a tab on your bills.

Credit card is accepted everywhere across the globe and shows credit lines up to $1000. The applicants need no credit history record and there is zero fraud liability with the credit card.

They also provide 24/7 account management and you can use your credit card anywhere. Groceries, gasoline, vacations, bill payment and even buying electronic items are possible with a credit card. The Oportun card is being used by almost 2 million customers worldwide. The best part of it is, the credit card is certified by the Department of the US Treasury.

Steps for Oportun Credit Card Application

Applying for a credit card is possible through their website and is the only way one can acquire an Oportun credit card.

Here’s what you need to know.

1: Copy and paste the given link creditcards.oportun.com/#/landing on your browser. Now Click on Apply Tab to obtain the credit card.

2: You can register with the site and then start the application process.

3: Add your name and other details into the given space.

4: Include your agreement to all their terms and conditions.

Step 5: Add all the essential documents and complete the submission by completing the Submit tab.

Oportun Credit Card Requirements

Since it is a global credit card, the requirements also vary widely.

  1. If you show a credit score, it will be considered for you. But, if you do not provide it, other information will be checked like your bank account information, payment counterfoils, and your income status.

They will check for your profession and industry and also will check for different personal references if you have any.

  • The SSN is not a compulsion. If you provide an SSN they will consider it a requirement. But without it, you will need to provide a US address and it must include a state where this credit card is offered.
  • If you do not have a US ID or a bank account with the United States, you can try providing other documents as deemed essential to the authorities.
  • You will need a valid email ID and phone number to apply for this credit card.
  • Applicants must be 18 or above if they want to apply for a credit card.
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How to get Oportun credit card pre-approval?

Once you submit the form, they will run a soft pull on your account and the soft pull does not impact your FICO scores in any way.

Often they might do a random pull of people falling within their soft pull requirements and will send you a mail invite once you pass the pre-approval stage.

Annual fees & Credit Limit

The annual fee for the Oportun credit card can be somewhere from $0-$49. The exact annual fee depends on the credit history of the individual, their annual or net income, and also the debt balance in their name along with several other randomly influencing factors.

The credit limit decision is done using the individual’s creditworthiness and depends on their

1. annual or net income,

2. current debt amounts, and

3. credit history of the individuals applying for the credit card.

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Several wonderful benefits are available to its users.

  1. The Oportun credit card does not need a social security number, US ID, or bank details mandatorily.
  2. There is no required security deposit for a credit card.
  3. Beginners begin with a credit limit of $1000.
  4. With the credit card, you can build your credit scores as they report to all three major credit bureaus.              

Pros & Cons


  1. Building your credit scores is possible with this credit card.
  2. Credit card has worldwide acceptance.
  3. With a credit card, you have no fraud liability.
  4. SSN and other details mandatory for a US citizen do not imply this credit card.


  1. They have a high APR with a credit card.
  2. An annual fee can come up mandatorily.


What credit bureau does Oportun use?

The Oportun reports to all three credit bureaus- TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Is Oportun a good credit card?

Yes, Opportun is a good credit card to apply for as it has so many good points to take home. Read the blog above to know more.


Here is a bit about the Oportun credit card, and if you want to know more about the credit card, drop in and find out more about it.

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