Ontario OREA Rental Application Online – Who is Eligible?

In every state of the US, there is some arrangement made for the rentals to have a peaceful and legal entry into a home. Similarly, in Ontario have such arrangements. If you want to have a property on rent in Ontario, you need to ensure that you have filled in the OREA Form 410 for yourself.

Your landlord and the state can also know about your details and your relationship can be a peaceful one. There are several benefits of having the rental form 410 filled from your side as this can make things easier when it comes to your rights as a renter.

What is OREA rental application?

Legal agreements are just not the need of the state but also of the individuals who live in rented houses and flats. OREA form 410 is necessary by the state of Ontario for sending in their applications as rentals.

With the help of this form, the local realtor can help you find the most suitable properties. Form 410 is a single form and does not have any associated forms with it, so all you need to do is fill out a single form.

The form will also need a few essential ID card details and your employment information. Real estate agencies, landlord agents and private realtors work best with the OREA form 410.

Who is Eligible for Ontario Rental Application?

To be eligible for filling up the Ontario Rental application, you must fulfill the following;

  1. Those with pets must mention the same in the form.
  2. If you are already staying in rent, you will need to cite the reason for leaving your current residence for a new one. Also, state if you are changing state and moving in.
  3. State the name, address and landlord details of the last two places you had lived in.
  4. Enter your bank account details and also your payment account number.
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OREA Rental Application Online Process

To apply for the OREA Rental application, here is a bit that you must know about the process.

  • Add your personal details like name, SSN, date of birth, and your spouse’s details.
  • Include the occupation details for you and your spouse.
  • Present and prior employment details for yourself and your spouse must go in.
  • Let the details of your financial obligations, personal references and automobiles also are known.
  • Include any pet-related details that you might need to add.
OREA Rental application
OREA Rental apply

You can either print the form or submit it to your landlord or you can send it across to your real estate agent via email.

What are the OREA Rental Application Requirements?

  1. You must also state the name of your current employer and the previous one.
  2. Add your spouse’s details including the driver’s license details if they have any.
  3. Include your financial obligations and personal references.
  4. A driver’s license is an important requirement for filling up the Ontario rental application.


The benefit of the application form is primarily because it serves as an agreement between two parties. Either your real estate agent can fill the document or you could do it yourself. With this form in place, your landlord can have a better view of yourself. If they deem you a suitable candidate, they can connect back to you anytime.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to download Ontario rental application form 410?

The link to download the application form is available here. Those who wish to fill the form online can do so before downloading it for a print out.

How long can a rental application take?

It potentially takes one to three days for a landlord to reply to you from the time of your application.


The OREA rental application for Ontario is one of the forms that will have to be completed every time you change your home. Filling out the form helps your landlord and your owner know you better. Most people will look at your form to find out more about you to decide whether you are the right person for their property.

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