PA Antlerless Application Process Guide (How to Fill out Form)

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners approved the issuance of licenses for hunting activities and trapping sessions for 2021 to 2022 recently. This is a great opportunity for young hunters in the state of Pennsylvania who want to go hunting legally. 

The hunting licenses sale for the years 2021-22 have gone live since mid of June and the licenses have become effective from July 1 and will end on June 30. Hunting licenses are available for general hunting, antlerless deer hunting, and also for elk hunting.

The applicants have to first apply for a general hunting license first and then apply for an antlerless deer hunting license. The issuance of the antlerless deer licenses will be rolled out on the basis of staggered timelines as per the 22 Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.

The Penn Gaming Commission voted to allocate 925,000 antlerless deer licenses all across the state this year. Other than that, the board also voted to issue 187 elk licenses (56 antlered, 131 antlerless) across 3 seasons of 2021-22.

The 2021-22 gaming sessions consist of small game sessions, big game sessions, trapping seasons, falconry seasons, migratory game bird seasons, and fur-bearer hunting seasons.

How to download PA Antlerless deer application form?

You can go to the Pennsylvania Game Commission website and download the fillable antlerless application form available in PDF version on the website. You will also find the Landowner Antlerless Application (PDF) and the Affidavit for a Lost Antlerless License (PDF).

How to fill out PA Antlerless deer application?

After downloading the PA Antlerless deer application form, you need to fill it up. The fillable antlerless application form should be mailed in an official pink envelope that can be found with the issuing agent.

You have to fill the CID Number, DOB, Resident Status, WMU Preference Number, Name, Address, Signature, etc.

The Antlerless Deer application will contain the following conditions:

  1. Usually, it will be one application per application for the first round.
  2. If the hunter did not receive a license then in the unsold round they can send up to two applications.
  3. When there is no sales in the second round there can up to three applications in the final round.
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Mailing residents is possible only when counter sales of Antlerless Deer License begin.

The last dates are already archived and have passed.

  • Residents can file their application up to 11th July 2022.
  • Non-residents can fill in their application up to 18th July 2022.
  • For the first unsold round you have time up to 1st August 2022.
  • In the unsold second round, you get time till 15th August 2022.
  • If licenses remain, you can have them even after the said dates and current open dates are up to 12th September.

One can take up to six antlers licenses and also acquire additional licenses when required.

Check the availability of Antlerless licenses in the given link.

The application form for download is available here.

Landowner License Availability is present here.

Antlerless Deer Application

Add the following in the License application for Antlerless Deer hunting:

  1. CID number
  2. Birth date
  3. Choose your resident and non-resident status and WMU preferences.
  4. Add your name, legal address, check number, amount, and phone along with your signature.

PA Antlerless deer application form Requirements

The following are the requirements:

  • The cost for each antlerless license is $6.97 for US residents whereas for Pennsylvania non-residents the cost is $26.97.
  • The hunter must provide at least one Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) preference.
  • Hunters can choose up to three WMU preferences.
  • Hunters need to include a check or money order payable to the “County Treasurer.”


The direct benefit of the PA Antlerless deer application is that hunters can apply for up to six and more licenses and they can also apply for more licenses if they are available.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can you apply for an antlerless deer tag in PA?

The first-round of antlerless license sales will commence from July 12 for Pennsylvania residents.

Can I buy a PA Doe tag online?

No, it is not possible to buy a doe license in Pennsylvania.

How do you fill out a PA Antlerless deer application?

You can download the form and then fill it up.


The Antlerless Deer application is a gateway for hunters to start their hunting seasons. For Antlerless Deer shooting, you will need a license of your own. You can also be a family of four or six and then if all want a license you can take it. If you have a group of friends, you can take them together too. Find out more about the licenses from here before heading on to filling out their application form.

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