How to Pay Unisa Application fee [Complete Guide]?

The application form will give you an entry into the University of South Africa. But when you want to apply for a college or a university, what is the most essential of all that comes to mind first? Mostly, it is the application fee that you must pay. There are many things about the application fee that most students must know. To know more about them, here is an article that you must refer to.

Read more about the Unisa application fee details so that you don’t fumble around the payments in any way. Keep a track of all that you would need to do about it.

How much is Unisa application fee?

The online application fee for Unisa is R125, 00 and here is how you can pay it.

  1. Add the student number and application fee reference number.
  2. Send the payment proof to [email protected].

How to Pay Unisa Application fee?

The application fee can be paid in the following ways.

1.       Bank deposits

Bank deposits will be made through FNB and you can send them as cash and direct bank deposits.

Add the student number and put the following information in the deposit slip.

  • Send the deposit to Unisa Student Fees
  • Add the bank account number saying Unisa Student Fees.
  • Include the reference number

2.       Electronic Fund Transfers

Unisa works alongwith FNB and those South African students using FNB can use these details.

  • The Bank name should be FNB,
  • The account name is Unisa Student Deposits,
  • Account numbers are Unisa, and
  • Add the Student number with space and then add your 8-digit student number.

Non-South African students who do not have FNB accounts can follow the below process.

  • Put the bank name as FNB
  • Add the account name as Unisa Student Fees Account
  • Include the Account number as 627 9963 0382
  • Put the account type as a check
  • Add the branch code as 210554
  • Include the student reference number with a space in between.

3.       Employer’s payment  

  • The bank name will be First National Bank
  • Add the Account name as Unisa Income Account
  • Include the account number 627 9962 5200
  • Add the account type as a check
  • Include the branch code as 250645
  • Add the swift code FIRNZAJJ
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What is Unisa account number for application fee?

The application fee account number is 5370810030 and the access card account number is 5400315164.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you pay Unisa application fee after closing date?

The Unisa application fee is not accepted after the closing date of the 2023 application. The application fee is non-refundable which means you will not be refunded the amount even if you decide not to continue your studies further with them. If you do not qualify Unisa admission process, you will still not get back the refund.

Where can you pay Unisa application fee?

You can pay the Unisa application fee through their regional centers using credit cards, debit cards and cash. Make electronic fund transfers through First National Bank (FNB) with the account name of Unisa Student Deposits. Ensure you choose the reference number correctly.

Can you pay Unisa application fee using Capitec?

EFT payments can be made through the First National Bank, Standard Bank, Capitec Bank and Mercantile Bank. The Unisa Student Deposit Account is already registered as an approved beneficiary bank with the above four banks. Thus, yes, you can pay Unisa through Capitec.

Do you have to pay Unisa application fee twice?

Only once do you have to pay the application fee to receive the Unisa student number? There will be no need to pay the fee again for your application. It’s just a one-time non-refundable fee.

How do you know if Unisa received your application fee?

You will receive a confirmation from Unisa within two days from the time you submit your application fee.  The application fee is a one-time fee that should reach them instantaneously but if it doesn’t, you will have to wait for some time. Mostly within two to ten days, they will receive your application fee.

How long does Unisa application fee take to reflect?

If you do not get a confirmation within two business days, you can send them a mail at [email protected]. Do not miss entering your student number in the subject line.


The University of South Africa is quite famous as many students come to study there from different other parts of Africa. If you want to apply too, what will come in handy is the information we bring in here. This article exactly does this task for you; it brings you the most accurate information about the Unisa application process.

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