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Petal offers two different credit cards- petal 1 and Petal 2. If you are a credit card holder from Petal, you might know about credit card benefits. If you have a credit card from them, you might know about their online account and the Petal credit card login process. But, if you do not own a credit card from them and want to have one, start by reading this blog.

This article tells you more about the advantages of having an online account with them. It also tells you how you can create one for yourself. Through it making online payments is easier and even keeping a record of your details is just a tap away.

One can operate Petal 1 and Petal 2 credit cards from a single account.

 Petal 1Petal 2
Late Payment Fee$40No late fee
Returned Payment FeeGoes to $29No returned payment fee
InterestBased on 19.99% – 29.49% (Variable)Based on 12.99% to 26.99%
Cardholder FeeNANA
Interest Free Period21 days21 days
Cash Advance FeeNANA

How to activate Petal credit card?

Once you receive your credit card through the mail, there is one more process before you start using it- the activation of the credit card.

  • To activate the credit card, visit the website and login to Petal credit card Account.
  • Go to the segment that indicates activation of the credit card.
  • Press on the tab that reads activate my credit card and enter your credit card details in the provided space.
  • Once you have entered the details as per the prompts, press on the Activate tab to confirm the process.

How to do Petal credit card login

The hiccup for obtaining a Petal credit card is that you need to have a prior invitation. Only when you have the invite code and the online account registration link in the mail, can you open an account with them.

The card login process is quite simple. All one needs to do, is enter the right username and password on this website

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Petal credit card

If you are not registered with them and if you have an invitation code, you must click on the link that came to you. Next, enter the invitation code to start the registration process. Add your details in the next segments to complete the application form for initiating the Petal credit card login procedure.

How to pay Petal credit card bill payment?

To pay the Petal credit card bill online, you must go through these few steps.

  • Log in to your credit card account.
  • Move to the Pay your Bill segment.
  • Add the bill amount and details
  • Include your current account details including the routing and account number.
  • Press the Pay Bill payment tab to complete the process.

You can schedule your payments to create an auto-payment option. In that way, you will never have to worry about missing payment timelines ever again.

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Payment mailing address & phone number

You can mail your payments to…

P.O. Box 1150,
New York,
NY 10008-1150.

Do not send cash or demand drafts, instead, you need to either send a money order or check towards your payment. Add the account holder’s name and the complete account number on the check to c

To pay your credit card, you must call 1-855-697-3825 and make a non-recurring payment by speaking to one of the call center executives.

Customer Service Number

Call 1-855-697-3825 or mail [email protected] to resolve your issues and problems.


Is Petal visa credit card good?

Petal 1 and 2 is a rare niche of credit cards in the market. They report to all three major US credit bureaus and do not consider your credit scores before offering you a credit card. If you want to build your credit score, you can go for this credit card. Without an annual fee and no credit scores for consideration, you can only gain from the credit card.

How to cancel Petal credit card?

If you want to cancel the Petal credit card, you need to call 1-855-697-3825. But clear any balance outstanding in your account and also remove all funds from it so that the call center can activate the cancellation process for your credit card.


If you are curious about Petal credit cards, you can read more about them in this article. Ensure your credit card information is correct before you drop an application for it.

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