Philippine Coast Guard Application Process Guide

The coast guards’ duty is to conduct maritime search and rescue, law enforcement, safety, environmental protection, and security. If the candidates in the Philippines wish to apply for the job, they will have to take note of all the eligibility criteria. Once you fulfill the requirements, you can either apply online or visit their office by submitting all the documents.

Who is Eligible for Philippine Coast Guard?

You are eligible for being in the Philippines Coast Guard only if you fulfill the following conditions.


  1. Men are preferred over women for the Philippines coast guard positions.
  2. One must have a good moral character for becoming a coast guard in the Philippines.
  3. You cannot be married before entering the coast guard services.
  4. Only citizens of the Philippines can apply for the coast guard position.
  5. The minimum height requirement is 5 feet and should be within 21 to 28 years.
  6. Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree and must have civil service eligibility of a minimum of 82% or have a PRC license or anything equivalent. They must have passed the PRC aptitude battery test.

Non-officers: Most are similar to the officer’s requirements except for a few that are different as given below.

  1. Non-officers must be 18 to 26 years old in general.
  2. A minimum of 72 units must be earned by them.
  3. They should at least be senior high school graduates

Philippine coast guard application Online Process

The form is all about filling up the application requirements. You can either fill it out online by signing in to their site or by sending the required documents to PCG Human Resource Management Command at no. 56 M.L. Quezon Street, New Lower Bicutan, and Taguig City. You could also email them at [email protected].

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Fill in the following details for the Philippine Coast Guard application.

  1. Educational Qualification
  2. Point out all the skills that you have learned
  3. Add the personal information to the application form.
  4. Fill in any other information that you have in the given segments before submitting the PCG form.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for filling the application form will include;

  1. The PSA birth certificate will be required for the application.
  2. Record transcripts are essential
  3. An eligibility certificate for the coast guard application is also necessary
  4. NBI clearance is a must for being in the Philippines coast guard.
  5. Two passport-size photographs are also essential.

Job Benefits

There are several benefits of having the coast guard job and they include;

  1. Meal, clothing, medical and dental allowances, and benefits.
  2. The job role can provide financial assistance to coast guards
  3. You have the advantage of serving the country.
  4. The stable job is meant for a lifetime and a starting scale of 38, 366 Php.
  5. Government benefits, several discounts, offers, and privileges are provided to the Coast Guard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the coast guard application process?

The coast guard application process will take close to a month for the tests. Once you get the test dates, you have to appear for them. After completing the tests, qualified candidates will get 6-month training before being officially recruited as a coast guard.

Is Philippines coast guard military?

It is the third armed force in the country. They are an armed military body that is capable of taking care of the Philippines waters.

Is Philippines coast guard under AFP?

Yes, the Philippines coast guard is under the AFP (Armed Forces) but it is treated as a tertiary body attached to the Armed Forces.


For people to get through the Philippine coast guard application, you need to fulfill their application requirements and eligibility. Those who wish to join the coast guard can fill in their application form and go through all their screening tests and exams. Only when they fulfill all the requirements will they get a job with the coast Guard.

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