Planet Fitness Job Application [Complete Details]

Planet Fitness is one of the most loved and admired brands and many of the local people want to work with them. Their job applications are invited to people who want to work with them. Workers can choose from 2200 different franchise branches that operate across state locations. Search for a club near you if you want to work with them.

If you wish to make a difference for your customers, you can apply for their jobs. They believe that their product is a tool that is meant to set ends for customers.

With them, you can find a different set of jobs and several opportunities-

  • World HQ opportunities
  • In-Club opportunities

If something fits your requirements, you can read ahead to understand the Planet Fitness job application process from here.

How to Apply for Planet Fitness Job application?

To apply for job application visit the site mentioned below,

Step 1: As soon as you open the website, you can find two sets of job opportunities.

World HQ opportunities Planet

Step 2: For convenience, we have switched on to the World HQ opportunities. Once you scroll down, you can find several opportunities available at different headquarter locations.

available opportunities Planet

Step 3: Click on a position of your choice and start filling up the application. In this segment, we will choose a senior accountant position to move on with the application process.

Apply here Planet Daily
Planet Daily online

Step 4: Fill in your location details and then complete other related information and finally submit the application by clicking on the Submit tab.

Planet Fitness requirements

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Planet Fitness Job Requirements

Requirements vary from one position to another in terms of age, required experience, and degrees. Some positions also require additional skills.

  • A person needs to be superbly motivated with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Planet Fitness employees must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • People need to exhibit a team spirit when working in such environments.
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Who is Eligible for planet fitness job application?

Eligibility depends on the following parameters.

  1. Accurate educational degrees for the required position.
  2. Proficiency and wonderful communication skills.
  3. Additional skills and qualities might be required.

Salary details

You can get paid somewhere from $9 to $17.75 through different job roles.

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Job Benefits

Apart from salary benefits, some of the advantages during your tenure with Planet Fitness are;

  1. Various allowances come your way like childcare allowances and also exercise allowances.
  2. Paid vacations and holiday opportunities.
  3. Gym, locker room, and black card area is available.
  4. Social events sponsored by the company come your way.
  5. Stock Purchase Program is facilitated for employees
  6. Café with healthy breakfast and lunch options
  7. Benefit packages and competitive salary structures

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How old do you have to be to work at Planet Fitness?

You must at least be 18-year-old but some states offer jobs to even 16-year-olds.

Does Planet Fitness hire 16 year olds?

Yes, they do offer jobs to a 16-year-old; however, these job types are extremely limited.

Is Planet Fitness a good place to work?

Yes, Planet Fitness franchises provide wonderful work opportunities for their workers.

How to check Planet Fitness job application status?

The applicants must contact their hiring managers for confirming their application status. You can also call them or check at any of their gym locations to find more about your application status.


If you want to apply for their jobs, you can find out more about the application process from this article. You can not only apply for their jobs online but also can apply through their different stores. In this case, your point of contact will be your recruiting manager or concerned staff.

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