PMA Application online Process Guide (Form, Requirements, Fees)

PMA online application is for joining the Philippines Military Academy (PMA). Some hugely successful people who graduated from this school like President Fidel Ramos, Senator Gregorio Honasan, Senator Rodolfo, and many more adorn the graduate list of PMA.

Cadets keep the highest level of diligence, discipline and learn to work under immense stress. Know more about the PMA online application process from here.

PMA Application Online Process Guide (in Steps)

  1. Move to the PMA website- PMA online (Note:- Application is Closed Now). Fresh dates will be announced soon
PMA cadet application
  1. Complete the required application form and fill all those sections which have an asterisk on them.
PHA application

3. Include your requirements and educational background.

PHA Requirements
Educational Level PHA

To continue, click on the terms and conditions checkbox which says you agree to all their terms.

Now click to verify you’re not a robot but a human.

Enter the verification code mailed to your email address and copy-paste it on the site.

You’ll next need to fill up the necessary personal information.

  • Choose your exam location.
  • Basic information needs to be filled in.
  • Fill in your educational background.
  • Enter basic requirements and validate the field.
  • Take the survey and you will get the registration successful message.

What are the Application Requirements?

For carrying out the application process, follow the below list of requirements.

  • The person must be native-born of the Philippines.
  • High school graduates with 85% in their high school exams.
  • The applicant should at least be 5 feet in height.
  • They should not have any criminal record and are at least 17 years old. Applicants cannot also be more than 22 years old.
  • Having an email address is a must.

How to download PMA application form?

Once your registration is successful, you will get a link in your email address whereby when you click to download the completed and verified application form. You can take a printout of the same after you finish downloading the application form.

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PMA Application process

  • For the application process of PMA, you will need to have High School Form 137 or 138.
  • You will also require a birth certificate copy from NSO. 

You’ll need to scan the said documents and will have to attach them to the application form.

You can either take a printout of the downloaded application form and post it or physically give it to the address and locations mentioned on the website.

PMA application online

Out of the three ways of application- mail, online or physical form the easiest nowadays is an online application form.

A PMA cadet can avail of free college education, monthly salary, additional allowances, advanced training facilities, and a rewarding career in the defense field.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the passing marks for PMA?

If you want to be a part of PMA, you will need to get a minimum of 70% in their exams. Usually, they have a strict selection criteria and all measures are taken to select the best of the group.

How much is the salary given to PMA cadets?

Cadets will get free lodging, boarding and food facilities. Apart from it, they will also get P27,425 plus P6,300 as allowances. They also get to learn essential crafts that will benefit them immensely.

Do the PMA have tuition fees for getting the degree?

No, there is no tuition fee that a cadet needs to bear towards getting their degrees from PMA and they will meanwhile serve as a cadet who will later serve the nation.

Does PMA have an age limit?

PMA has an age limit whereby a cadet cannot be less than 17 years and not more than 22 years as on 1st April of the admission year.

Duration of the Phillippines Military Academy Study?

The total duration of the course in PMA is 4- years and they are also given a passing out certificate that is considered valid for educational qualifications and proofs.


You will find every information about the PMA cadet position. If you want to apply, do go through the information presented in this article.This year’s application is closed and so is the exams. But the article can be important for those who wish to reappear or want to freshly appear for the application. You have five years to take the exams and qualify.

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