$250 Power Saving Bonus: Here is How to Get it

Energy and gas bills have taken the shape of a burden on almost every household in the current times post COVID and with the Ukraine-Russian ongoing war. If you are living in Victoria, Australia right now and billing your electricity to the Victorian Energy Compare, there is some relief fund provisioning for you.

This initiative was taken after measuring the success of the 2018-2020 $50 power saving bonus program given to every household. Post this bonus another attempt was made in 2021-2022 when a $250 bonus amount was issued to 850, 000 Victorian households.

What is the $250 power saving bonus?

Australians in Victoria can claim a $250 energy saving one-time offer from the government. They are welcoming applications from 1st July 2022 and the applications will remain open until 30th June 2023. It applies only to Victorian households who bill their electricity to Victorian Energy Compare or their outreach partners participating in the process.

You need not refund the amount as it is a one-time payment that will go to each qualifying applicant’s account.  Only one person from each household will get the amount. Businesses cannot get this payment even if they are small-time businesses operating from houses.

There is no limitation to the number of payments that will be made as each qualifying household will receive the $250 amount.

Who is eligible for the $250 power saving bonus?

Eligibility for receiving the $250 power-saving bonus includes;

  1. You must be the named account holder of your family to receive the $250 bonus.
  2. A regular bank account details need to go down in the application to ensure rightful EFT transfer.
  3. You will need to apply within the deadline of 01st July 2022 to 30th June 2023 and any application post this period will not get the benefit.
  4. Even if you stay in a caravan, you will still need to be paying your bills to Victorian Energy Compare or their participating outreach partners.
  5. An address is also a must for filling up the Victorian $250 power-saving bill.

$250 power saving bonus How to apply?

For the compare.energy.vic.gov.au $250 application, you can choose to go online or call the 1 800 000 832 helpline number of Victorian Energy Compare.

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For making an application online, use this given link to start the application.

  • Read the eligibility requirements on the first page of the online application process.
Power Supply saving scheme
  • Click on the tab in grey to start the energy billing process. If you need to know the FAQs read them but then scroll down to check on the boxes to complete the terms and conditions.
Read Power Terms for Victoria
  • The next page will be about your energy details. You can either upload a bill PDF or choose to enter the information manually.
Account Information $250 Power plan
  • Add your personal details in the next segment like your name and address. This address must be the same address where you get your bills regularly.
  • Include your bank details where you can receive your EFT payment.
  • Review and confirm the details and go through the available offers before submitting the form.

What are the Application Requirements?

The Andrews Labor Government has provided a $250 million rebate program termed the Power Saving Bonus.

  1. You need to be a Victorian citizen staying there for a while.
  2. To get the payment you need not change retailers or offers.
  3. You will also need to upload a recent electricity bill.
  4. A valid email ID is a must and you will need your NMI and meter number too.


You can get a $250 compensation when everything around is at a higher price range than normal. From vegetables to fuel is all soaring high and at this time even one-time $250 compensation will come in handy for Victorians.

The cost of living pressure will ease off and this rebate will allow people to save more money. It also will guide people to choose between different energy offers available in Victoria.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Victoria Energy Compare $250 Legit?

Yes, it is sanctioned by the Victorian government and is cent percent legitimate amount. Victorian Energy Compare is independent government equipment that allows the comparison of gas, electricity and solar offers for different energy retailers.

How to get $250 energy rebate Victoria application form?

You have to apply for the $250 energy rebate application form to qualify for the offer.

How is the $250 power saving bonus paid?

It is paid through electronic fund transfer (EFT) to individual account details specified in the form.


If you wish to know more about the $250 power saving bonus refer to this article for detailed information. Most people in Victoria have previously received some compensation and so will they this year. To claim it read more about the application process and the requirements from this blog.

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