PromoBot Face Application & Registration Guide – Who is Eligible?

What is PromoBot face application?

For the first time PromoBot, a robotics company is giving off 1.5 crores to use your face under the “PromoBot use my face” scheme alongwith the body for its robotic inclusions. If you are wondering right now, what is it all about, is it about selling my face to the world, you are right in this aspect?

It will use your human face to create the robot face with 100 hours of speech recording to make its robots and their features. Every detail of your face will be mapped with the robots, and your speech will come for use in setting up and adjusting the speech recognition process.

PromoBot is a tech giant that is going to use your face’s 3D model for its humanoid robots. The company was established in 2019 and is operational in 43 countries. If you want to apply, read more about the process below.

PromoBot Face Application Process

PromoBot Face Application

For PromoBot face apply online, use the given steps below.

  1. Follow the official website to complete the application process.
  2. Add your country, email, every other personal information asked on the site.
  3. Include why you must be the best fit for the application and why you must be chosen.
  4. Press the sent tab to complete the application process.
  5. A conformational email will be generated and sent to your email address.
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How to do PromoBot face registration?

Use the PromoBot face sign-up/ registration process described above to complete the PromoBot face registration process.

What are the requirements for PromoBot Face Application

There are no particular requirements to fulfill, and the only specification is your rationale why you deem yourself fit.

How much PromoBot will pay?

PromoBot is offering something between 1.5 crores to 2.0 crores. If you want PromoBot to consider your face, body, and speech, then you must be ready to share and send images of your body with them. Each body segment will be mapped to the robot, and you must provide 100 hours of speech to them for mapping your voice with the robot’s voice.


The humanoid robots are a dream of many, they are supposed to break down human life into easier and simpler patterns. In the final stages of their manufacture, these humanoid robots will again need human help to better them. Your speech and your body’s 3-D model will be mapped to a robot, and it will also pay you a huge sum to do so.

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