How to Renew PSiRA Online in 2024 & do Online Booking?

South Africa is a beautiful country but not without its challenges to control. One of their prime problems is the increased rate of violence and terror, close-level ambush, and lack of personal security in the country. Humans are scared to walk the streets often as they are not sure who or what lurks in the shadows. This growing concern over the ages has led to the growth of the private security industry in South Africa.

What is PSiRA?

The high crime rate in South Africa drives the private security industry. Now a lucrative business for many, the private security business has gained traction from the high rate of unemployment in the country. These two factors together caused a boom in the industry that shaped the Private Security Industry Regulation Act of 2001. No one today can be a valid private security guard without running an appropriate PSiRA registration. Regular PSiRA renewal online booking is a must for those who look forward to keeping up with this profile.

Who is Eligible for PSiRA Renewal?

For making the PSiRA renewal online booking, you must fulfill the below criteria.

  1. You must be a South African citizen.
  2. Renewal applications for PSiRA require one to already have a PSiRA card.
  3. One will need to virtually sign the application online and to do so, you must remember to match it to your previous PSiRA card.
  4. Those who are seeking renewal of the application must be capable of making the payments.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for PSiRA renewal online booking will include the completion of the following;

  1. You must submit proof of your old certificate the one that you acquired previously.
  2. An affidavit or the pay slip proof is also a must for PSiRA renewals.
  3. The ID document copy/permanent work permit copy, or your asylum papers are a must.
  4. Prescribed payment amount proofs must also be submitted.
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How to renew your PSiRA online?

For PSiRA renewal online booking, you must follow the below application procedure;

  • Start filling in the application form once it opens up for you. In the first segment, add the application date, South African identification number/ work permit number or Asylum paper details. Add the PSiRA number, followed by your surname and then your real name.
PSiRA online
  • In the next segment, add your physical and postal address clearly.
PSiRA renewal online booking
  • Include your telephone number and then add your employment details including your current employer’s details.
PSiRA renewal 2022
  • In the last segment check all the applicable fields and also add your signature, initials, and date wherever asked.
PSiRA renewal apply

Once you complete the application click on the Done tab to ensure completion. Send it to the PSiRA office for submission and if you want to fill out the application, fill out the same form online from your PSiRA online account.

How to book PSiRA renewal online?

To book a PSiRA renewal, an individual will need to fill out the renewal application form as described above.

You can either go online or use the PSiRA form to fill out your online application. After filling up the application and making the required payments, you must wait for 12 business days until you hear from them. The renewed card will be sent to your correspondence address.

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