PTCAS Application Eligibility, Process, Requirements (Guide)

The PTCAS (physical therapist centralized application service) application will allow you to apply for physical therapy programs. You can choose different schools and their physical therapy programs and move onto submitting one application for the entire program.

After the submission of your application, the verification process will begin. There is also an application fee that you need to provide and it is $160 for one program and an additional $60 for every other program that you select.

Fee waivers are available for those who have submitted their 2021 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 and can show a low-income level. For a family of one, low-income means annual earnings of $27,180, and for a family of eight must-have annual earnings of $93,260.

The important date table includes the following;

Opening of the PTCAS application cycleJune 15, 2022
Closure of the PTCAS application cycleMay 15, 2023
Last date of transcript and official test score submissionJune 2, 2023
Reference submission last dateJune 2, 2023
Re-submit your applicationJune 5, 2023
Last date of verificationJune 9, 2023
Apply PTCAS Application

Who is Eligible for PTCAS application?

You are eligible for the PTCAS application if you fulfill the following;

  • Have two proper references from different professionals as per the PTCAS requirements.
  • A GPA of 3.2 and above is necessary to apply for the PTCAS application.
  • A B-grade is required in ten prerequisite courses to apply but if you have a better grade, you have a higher chance. These are the courses considered;
  • A&P 1 & 2 with lab
  • Biology at a higher level (with a minimum of 300 to 400 levels)
  • College Physics 1 & 2 with labs.
  • College Chemistry 1 & 2 or organic Chemistry with labs
  • Two psychology courses
  • Statistics
  • GRE scores are a must and scores of the last five years are accepted. Verbal and quantitative should have 144 and write with 3.5 as the score.
  • While applying, no less than two outstanding courses from the prerequisite number of courses will be acceptable. The rest of the courses need to be cleared by the student applying for them.
  • A bachelor’s degree is a must for all those who want to apply for PTCAS.
  • If you have applied before and you are reapplying, you need to tell them how you have made your application different and strong this time.
  • An essay on how you think you will contribute to the program in 2000 characters.

How to Apply for PTCAS Application?

An individual needs to follow the below application process whereby numerous steps at different levels contribute to the application. The process of PTCAS application is mentioned below.

Before beginning the application process, you must complete the following processes

Process 1

1. Choose the research programs you wish to attend.
2. Find out the cycle dates and the application fees for each of these programs.
3. Fulfill the reference requirements
4. Check on the pre-requisite requirements, standard test scores, supplemental applications, and also foreign evaluations.
5. Check with your school for sending off your transcripts as you will need to enter your coursework from these official transcripts.
6. Choose and contact reference points to ask for their participation.
7. Start by drafting your story for the personal essay that you need to write for the program.
8. Move ahead to the help center to review their instructions

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Process 2: Before 3 months from the deadline

1. Create an account with them on their site
2. Complete the college-attended segment
3. Add the references

Process 3: 10-12 weeks before the deadline

1. Choose to ask your school to send your application directly to PTCAS.
2. Enter all about your coursework into the application.
3. For professional transcript entry, sign up for the process by submitting the payments.
4. Ask your references if they received and agree to provide you with a reference letter.

Process 4: 6-8 weeks before the deadline

1. Complete and submit your application
2. Review and go through the verification process
3. For those who go for PTE services, keep verifying and approving the coursework promptly.
4. Monitor your application for entry of various missing elements like references and transcript receipts.

Process 5: 4-6 weeks before application closure

Monitor your application for status changes

Process 6- Post the deadline

Download a copy of your application and keep it with you for your records.

What are PTCAS application requirements?

Application requirement for PTCAS involves fulfilling the following points;

  1. Anything you want them to know that is not mentioned in the application must be stated separately in 1000 characters.
  2. Any additional language that you speak apart from English needs to go into your application form. You will need to describe the specifics of the language in 300 characters.
  3. For those of you who wish to benefit the medically underprivileged group, how you wish to assimilate it in your future is something you need to state in your application.
  4. Students will need to mention explicitly the reason why felony charges were pressed onto them.
  5. If you envision your identity as a healthcare professional how do you wish to bridge the gap between the differences existing in society?
  6. The essay would be your story behind wanting to become a health care professional.


The benefit of the PTCAS program involves the facility applying for multiple physical therapy programs through one single application procedure. You don’t have to pay the fees of the individual programs that will sum up to an amount more than what you pay through the PTCAS application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How early should I submit my PTCAS application?

The PTCAS application for the summer of 2023 will open on 15th June 2022. The last date when you can create an account, submit an application, request references and order for professional transcript entry is 15th May 2023. Each of the summer classes begins in June. However, there is no release date so far for the earliest submission date of application but like every year; you can start by creating your account 3 months before the deadline. It might be a fortnight from when the cycle first opens up. By then you can;

  • Add your coursework
  • Recommendation letters
  • Number of observation hours
  • Details of the school you attended
  • Test scores
  • Honours subject
  • Activities taken up at school
  • Experiences you have
  • Essays
  • Anything that is program specific, and
  • You can also make your payments.

What is the PTCAS application?

The PTCAS application allows individuals to apply for a doctor of physical therapy course in multiple organizations altogether. With PTCAS in place, you don’t have to separately apply to the institutions you like. It is a centralized physical therapy application service.

How long does it take PTCAS to process application?

After you have completed your application, it will take almost upto 5 weeks for PTCAS to verify your file. The average duration is 4-6 weeks and everyone who applies can check the application status until their file passes through the process.


If you want to be a physical therapy teacher or want a degree in it, you must start by applying for the program. Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). It is a service of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and through it, the DPT application process is simplified. You can apply to multiple programs through a single application. This article details the application process and eligibility requirements clearly for individuals who are interested in applying for the program.

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