QLD border pass December 13 announcement conference Details

QLD border passes will become mandatory from 13th December 2021 for those attempting to enter Queensland. Queensland has been very particular about air travel to date, and there seems to be a lot of protection taken to preserve people in the right way.

Saving citizens from Covid-19 exposure is the prime responsibility of every government. But off late, they planned to open the doors for others but, still, there are many rules on the go. If you plan to move to Queensland, carefully read the information to know more about the process.

The QLD border announcement states they will be opening doors for interstate travel, and it was announced by Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. The date and time are given as 13th December 2021 from 01:00 am.

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QLD border opening announcement

As per the QLD border announcement opening, completely vaccinated people do not need to quarantine but, unvaccinated travelers must be ready to get quarantined for 14 days. Not just interstate travel, but even international travels are relaxed for now, and each group of travelers has several rules to follow.

QLD premier press conference today

The QLD premier press conference happened on 6th December 2021. The conference released the confirmation several attempts were being made to loosen the COVID-19-related instructions.

QLD border pass changes

The QLD border pass application online changes are coming up from 13th December for making the restrictions more flexible.

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Queensland border restrictions

Various border restrictions were incorporated in Queensland ever since the COVID-19 scenario arose. The border restrictions gave way to a more lenient process currently wherein no flights from bordering areas are being allowed in. But from 13th December 2021, the restrictions are being lifted as people will be allowed to enter the zones. Fewer restrictions are imposed on completely vaccinated people and larger restrictions are imposed on non-vaccinated people.

Travel requires tests for confirming COVID-19 negativity.

To apply, you must fill in the online application form and answer a few questions before including your name, date of birth, email, phone number, and supporting documents.

  1. For the Queensland entry pass, click on the link & border pass entry pass.
  2. Individuals must be vaccinated completely to avoid quarantine.
  3. Non-vaccinated individuals need to take the PCR test and must be ready for quarantine.


The QLD borders pass application online is a wonderful initiative taken up by the Queensland government. If you want to know more about it, read this article for more.

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