QLD Border Pass Application Opening date, Eligibility, Requirements

QLD border pass opening is a way to enter Queensland for those who were left out. Borders of Queensland will be relaxed in a few days, and as border rules are being made flexible several people have already begun their bookings.

Any of the individuals entering QLD from New South Wales need to apply for a QLD border declaration pass. Even those QLD residents who are re-entering Queensland after visiting New South Wales also require the border pass. The facilities are opening up from 13th December 2021.

The below-mentioned list of people only does not need a QLD border pass opening.

  1. An emergency health care worker.
  2. National defense personnel
  3. Police personnel
  4. The maritime crew which is not disembarking in QLD.
  5. Disaster management specialists and workers.

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QLD border pass application requirement

  1. Completely vaccinated people from the hotspots like NSW, South Australia, and Victoria can apply.

A fully vaccinated person can easily travel from hotspots to Queensland. A person is considered completely vaccinated one week from the second dose of the approved vaccine.

  • You also need a test 3 days before flying to Queensland.


Everyone is eligible for a QLD Border pass except the ones mentioned below.

  1. People arriving in Queensland seeking new residents.
  2. Cross border residents
  3. Queensland resident who’s been a resident since 29 January 2020.
  4. A paramedic, ambulance service employee, or flying doctor, and even a life light crew.
  5. Organ transportation & delivery crew
  6. Emergency workers and government officials.
  7. On-duty military personnel.
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People can feel normal again since that is something people have not felt in ages.

Finally, people can meet their friends and families in a long while. The tiff between borders will regain normalcy again.

Queensland border restrictions

The restrictions were imposed to keep people outside Queensland from reaching them. Finally, the restriction of land and air travel is being lifted and normalcy is being sought. With Covid vaccination in full bloom, almost 80% of Queensland is estimated to be vaccinated by 17th December 2021. Fully vaccinated people can enter Queensland with a test report confirming COVID negativity.


The COVID-19 pandemic had created never known rules in the world, and slowly their dissolution is being aimed at by countries and states. Recent on the list is Queensland that is dissolving a few restrictions around its borders making it more flexible. Read this important piece of information as you plan your travel to Queensland.

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