Qlink wireless Free Tablet and phone 2024 (Complete Guide)

Globally a lot of people are below the poverty line in the United States of America who struggle each day to merely put food on the table. For them the other costs become unaffordable and the best way to often tackle them is to find the right Federal program in place to help such citizens.

Those who have a phone or prefer to keep the number they have can acquire internet and phone bill from the government through the Qlink wireless sign up and application process.

What is Qlink wireless?

Qlink Wireless has teamed up with the US government to introduce a free wireless service per month. They have implemented free talk services and free data facilities for people who fall under certain eligibility requirements.

The facilities are provided by Lifeline services and the program is known as the Affordable Connectivity Program. It is one of the largest 4G LTEG/ 5G networks and only low-income groups can get the Qlink wireless facilities.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify, you must fulfill the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Low-income groups below the state Federal poverty guidelines will receive the benefits but Lifeline eligibility requirements differ for every state.
  2. Those who participate in government-run assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, US Department of Urban Housing and Development or Section 8, social security benefits, or the Veterans pension/ survivor’s pension and WIC.
  3. The total household income of a family must be below the State’s Federal poverty guidelines.

It will differ with each state and the most essential part of this process is to understand your state’s poverty levels.

  • Only one applicant per household will get the facility.
  • You cannot also take services from multiple service providers.
  • Transferring your lifeline program from the primary holder to someone else is not possible as it is a non-transferrable process.

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How to sign up for Qlink wireless?

For Qlink wireless sign-up, here is what you must do.

Qlink wireless
  • Add your ZIP code and email address before clicking on the Signup tab.

How to get Qlink wireless free tablet 2023?

After you apply for the Qlink wireless, mention within the application form if you need the Qlink wireless free tablet.

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You will need to mention it by clicking and entering details in the appropriate segments.

How to apply for Qlink wireless application?

Qlink wireless approval

Once you sign up, Qlink wireless application will become available for you.

Follow the prompts to add your personal details alongwith your income and other essential information related to your finances. Mostly, you will need to tell them about your income sources including those that you receive from the government.

What are the Application Requirements?

You will need the following to put forth the application process.

  1. Add your ZIP code
  2. Include a valid email address
  3. Enter your income details during the quick verification process for approval.
  4. Take your phone to their network and enjoy completely free service


With the Qlink Wireless program, you will be able to receive the following benefits.

  1. You can receive unlimited data, talk time, and text facilities.
  2. With it, you can also get voicemails and facilitate 3-way calling.
  3. Routing emergency calls to 911 is also a facility you can avail of this facility.
  4. Free access is available to 10 million different Wi-Fi locations across all the 50 states of the US.
  5. If you already have a phone with number, you can use this particular facility.
  6. Free SIM cards with free activation facilities are also available.
  7. You will also be able to avail of a new tablet.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Qlink wireless free?

Yes, the data in Qlink is absolutely free and there is no charge as such for any of their services. The only condition you need to fulfill is complete the application for the Qlink wireless program. People need to get chosen for the Qlink wireless program to make your wireless free.

Is Qlink wireless legitimate?

Since it is a program run by the Federal government in association with Qlink, you do not have to think about validating your services with them. Qlink wireless is a legitimate application process one must complete to get the free services and facilities.


Qlink does not charge a single penny for the services they provide to the lower economic zone. If you wish to sign up for their services, you must belong to the lower economic zone of your state in the US.

Once you fill out the application, you will undergo a quick verification process followed by approval of the phone and the connection alongwith its approved facilities. Eligibility of applicants can be from an address with multiple households or even if they file it from their temporary address.

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