QuestBridge Scholarship Application Online Process Guide

Up to high school, there is a lot of students who fair well and manage to study. Monetary crunches often accompany students when they plan to join college or universities. Bright students can have a fairly difficult time if they are denied or restricted from taking admission to a college of their choice.

Those who wish to get into the right colleges can aim for the QuestBridge scholarship. Applications are to be filed if someone is interested in taking up the scholarship. This article provides you with essential information about the QuestBridge scholarship.

What is QuestBridge Scholarship?

Based in Palo Alto, California, QuestBridge partners with 40 topmost colleges and universities in the United States and runs its unique scholarship program. The grant is through the matching of colleges with the student’s capabilities for the unusually bright, low-income youth. Their primary aim is to enhance the number of low-income bright students in various colleges and universities. Creating an opportunity for every mind to visit colleges and universities is what they ultimately pin at.

Applications are invited each year for the scholarship program and it is regarded among students as one of the best scholarship facilities available to students.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility criteria for the QuestBridge scholarship include fulfilling the following points;

  1. Students need to graduate during or before the summer of 2023 to enroll for the fall classes of 2023.
  2. Any student in the United States attending high school is eligible for the scholarship irrespective of the fact that they are US citizens or permanent residents.
  3. Academically a student must have an A-grade in different papers including honors papers.
  4. The top 5%-10% of the graduating class will be considered for the scholarship.

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What are the Application Requirements?

The requirements for the QuestBridge scholarship applications include the following;

  1. Recommendations from two teachers
  2. You will also have to write two essays
  3. School report card the high school counselor
  4. Your entire school profile
  5. High school transcripts and other additional transcripts also need to be sent
  6. Standardized test scores like SAT, ACT, IB, AP, and TOEFL are accepted
  7. Academic details and other extra-curricular tasks need to be submitted
  8. Household and financial information need to be fed for the application.

QuestBridge scholarship application Online Process

Start a new application for QuestBridge scholarships by creating an account in the online portal.

  • Once you create a new account, activate it by going into your mail.
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QuestBridge scholarship apply
  • After activation, you will find the Apply here link.
  • Click on it and begin the QuestBridge scholarship application.
  • Add the personal details of the individual and alongwith it include the educational and other related details essential for the scholarship.
  • Attach all the documents alongwith the application and submit them to move it forward.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many students get the QuestBridge scholarship?

In general, there are no fixed numbers of scholars who will be awarded a QuestBridge scholarship every year. Their acceptance rate from the previous year can help you gauge the numbers they might finance. Like in the past year 1674 students received admission and full scholarships from QuestBridge.

What does the QuestBridge scholarship cover?

Under the scholarship program, QuestBridge will cover the following kinds of fees.

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Boarding and lodging amount
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Books and different other supplies

How does the QuestBridge scholarship work?

After sending in your QuestBridge scholarship application, you will get a rank with up to 15 college partners. The finalists will get a notification for the same and the finalists will need to submit match requirements.

On the day of the match, you can find out if you matched with any of the colleges. If you did, you will need to move ahead and go for the admission opportunities with a full four year scholarship.

Those who don’t match will need to review their admission opportunities. The students will also need to confirm the different steps from several ranked schools. Submit the QuestBridge regular decision form and request generous financial help in such cases.

Can you lose QuestBridge scholarship?

Yes, by all means, an individual can lose their QuestBridge scholarship. The school regulations matter in this regard and depend on the school with which you are matched.

QuestBridge scholarships are requirement-blind and your ability to pay will always have to be factored with your GPA even if it is 0.01.

  • Felony and criminal charges upon you can revoke your scholarship.
  • If you get D’s and F’s for your final semesters
  • An official reprimand for cheating is also a way to lose your scholarship.


QuestBridge scholarships are some of the most popular scholarships. If you are an extremely bright student with financial stumbling blocks, going for this scholarship will open your doors. You too can get matched to 10 to 12 colleges that will be willing to pay for your studies. Out of these, you will get admitted to one and that can be a boon when you really don’t think you can make it to college with the money you have.

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