How to do Rakuten Credit Card login & Pay Bill Payment Online?

Rakuten was founded in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani, and is Japanese electronic commerce and online retail company. When you take to shopping for which you decide to pay with your Rakuten credit card, you will be able to receive 3% cash back on all your purchased products. You will receive 1% cashback for all your shopping done from stores other than Rakuten.

All this money will be sent to your account either as a check or as a PayPal amount along with your regular cashback amount.

There are three basic card types and all of them have more than one credit card under their head. Currently, they have ten credit cards that fall under the three basic categories- Basic card, pink card, and gold/premium card.

To get paid and to keep a tab on your payments, you must have an account with them.

How to do Rakuten Credit Card login?

For a credit card login with Rakuten, you must use the following link i.e.

Step 1: Add your User ID to the given space.

Step 2: Include your Password in the next segment.

Step 3: Now, click on the Continue tab to complete the login process.

Rakuten Credit Card login

Step 4: If you do not find your User ID, you need to add your account number and ZIP code to begin searching for it.

Activate Rakuten Credit card

Step 5: Start the registration process if you already do not have an account with them. For that click on the Register tab and then add your account number and ZIP code before pressing the Continue tab.

Rakuten credit card payments

You can also login to your credit card account in the following way.

Rakuten payment phone number

How to Activate Rakuten Credit card?

There are different types of Rakuten credit cards and activating them is not a requirement. You can start using the Rakuten credit card as and when possible. Swipe the credit card in stores or online and there is nothing much towards the activation process of these cards.

The Rakuten browser extension is downloadable and without visiting the website, if you click on the option that reads to activate the offer, you can activate it. This way you can activate your offers.

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How to pay Rakuten Credit card bill payment?

Rakuten credit card payments can be made by going online, mailing them, through PayPal, and also by calling them. Paying over the phone may not be the best option since most of the time you might be guided to the other payment methods. The best way to make a card bill is by going online for it.

  • Sign-in to the Rakuten credit card website.
  • Go to the Payment Methods and then to the billing segment.
  • Add the current bill amount, you wish to pay.
  • Next, add the credit card details or the current account details (routing number and account number).
  • Once done, click on the Pay tab to complete the process.

How to cancel Rakuten credit card?

If you want to cancel the card you need to call 0570-66-6910 or 092-474-6287.

If you are not located within Japan, you can call 81(country code)-92-474-6287.

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Customer service Number

The customer call center number is 1-800-800-0800 or 81(country code)-92-474-6287. If you want to talk to a call center representative, you can press #0 for the same.


What is the payment mailing address?

You can pay the Rakuten credit card payments to the following mailing address:

Rakuten, Inc., 85 Enterprise, Suite 100, Aliso Viejo, CA-9265.

What is the payment Phone Number?

The Rakuten payment phone number is (855) 697- 4560. If you want to make the payment, you must talk to a live representative over the call by following their instructions.

Often the representative might guide you to make payments through PayPal if you do not want to pay them online or by sending a mail.


Rakuten is a Japanese credit card provider and if you want to earn American Express Membership Rewards then this could be the credit card for you. You can use the card even if you are not in Japan and stay in the United States. Read more about the login and registration details and also credit card payment methods from this particular article.

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