Record Suspension Application – Requirements and Cost

What is Record suspension application?

If any Canadian citizen was convicted for a crime and after a full term in prison was proven to be a law-abiding citizen, their records will be kept apart from other criminal records. The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) will no longer have those records in its database. In this way, they can reunite with society and get into full-time employment and educational opportunities.

To get their records removed from the CPIC, one must apply and pay a small fee for it. As of 01st January 2022, the fee is increased to $50, and the processing fee for the application is $657.77. If a citizen wants to go for record suspensions, they can straightaway file it with the Parole Board of Canada (PCB).

Record Suspension Application

The application needs to be submitted for the record suspension of an individual and a form needs to be filled out. If you wish to know more about the application process, you have to click on the given link for the brochure.

Download all the applications and then collect all the details. The application can be directly sent to the department handling it and can also be mailed to them. Arrange different papers concerning the following;

  1. Fill in several sections one by one, and the first section in the list is the criminal record segment (including your fingerprints and other details).
  2. Further, fill in the court-related information sheet and also the military conduct sheet.
  3. Local police records, identification supporting documents, exception form from Schedule 1, and application form for a record suspension must be submitted alongside.
  4. Rehabilitation details and processing fee payment proof must also be submitted, and once done, hit the Submit tab.
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There is a vast list of requirements, and each crime has a different list. The lists differ widely but closely follow the proforma mentioned above. If you want to know more about the different requirements visit their official website for more information.

To download the application form visit their official website

How long does the application process take?

For a summary offense, it can take up to six months, and for an indictable crime, the processing period might be as long as one year.

How much Does Record Suspension Application Cost?

Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the cost of the application process can take somewhere between $1500 to $3000.


Though the topic is a vast one and requires a lot of inspection and examination, yet with this article, we aim to make you aware of the process. If you are interested in going back to normal living, you can try to read the article here and proceed with your record suspension application.

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