Revvi Credit Card Application Online – Know Requirements

The Revvi credit card is a Visa debit card designed to improve your credit scores. The card offers 1% credit card payment rewards and provides a report every month to different credit bureaus. It is given by the MRV bank and even though there are some fees that you need to pay, the card is still one of the most competitive in the market. People with poor credit scores of around 500-540 can apply for the card. To obtain a credit card, you must fill in an application form.

Steps for Revvi Credit Card Application

To apply for the credit card here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1- Start by filling in the details like your name, email address, phone number, and your residence address.

Revvi credit card

Step 2- Once done, click on the Next option and fill in the next set of details.

Revvi credit card apply
credit card application

Step 3- You must choose a design for your credit card and then pay the associated fees. Ideally for creating an account, an individual must pay $89 as a setup fee and as $75 as an annual fee. In total, you must pay $164 to apply for the credit card. Once paid, submit the application form by pressing the Submit tab. For this you can visit

Credit Card Requirements

For a credit card, users need the following;

  1. For paying the one-time fee for the transaction you must have your checking account’s routing number and account number handy.
  2. You will have to ensure your payments are being made on time for at least a year.
  3. Individuals who have tax liens or derogatory items will not be considered for the credit card.
  4. A minimum FICO score of 550 is expected for those applying for the credit card.
  5. You must be a US resident above 18 years of age.
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Annual fees

The annual fee involved with the card is $75 for the first year of your credit card experience with Revvi. The annual fee amount reduces to $48 from the next year onwards. The card has a regular APR of 34.99 %.

Credit Limit

The initial credit limit with Revvi credit card is $300 if your credit card is approved. However, Revvi will review your credit account soon after the cardholder completes one year. If they will notice an improvement in your credit scores, they will be given a raise on the amount previously used (it is associated with a credit increase fee of 20% of the amount that is being raised for the individual).

Revvi Credit Card Benefits

There are several benefits associated with Revvi credit card that makes it one of the most competitive in the market.

Apply for Revvi Credit Card
  1. People with scores around 500-540 can even apply for a credit card.
  2. You will earn a 1% cashback benefit that comes together with the statement credit.
  3. The card reports to three prime credit bureaus and its proper use can allow for improvement in your credit scores.

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What bank issues Revvi Credit Card?

The MRV Bank issues the Revvi credit card.

Is Revvi credit card legit?

There is no doubt about its legitimacy since it is issued as a Visa credit card and offers Visa protection.

Does Revvi credit card have an app?

Yes, Revvi has an app that can be used for managing credit card transactions and details.

Is Revvi credit card worth it?

The card is worth those who are trying hard to improve their credit scores. Usually, poor credit scores will not allow an individual to hold a credit card, thus one can suitably use this card to build their credit scores to make it better.


Here’s a bit about the Revvi credit card and if you want to have one, read on to know more about the card and its benefits.

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