Rice University Application Fees, Rate, Eligibility, & Process Guide

Rice is one of the most sought-after universities in these current times. Tucked in Texas, this university is best known for its awesome research facilities and available research opportunities. They are known to be vividly researching thousands of different life-changing subjects. Students who study here primarily love the fact that they can pursue research after their undergraduate courses at the same university. The Rice University application portal, like every other university, provides you with the opportunity to check your application status, apply for their streams, and make other arrangements for yourself pertaining to the application process.

Rice University is currently accepting applications for various courses and degrees. If you want to apply to Rice University, you should read all of the important details about the application from this page.

The Rice University application needs to be submitted with three different categories of information.

  • Elements most students in general need to fill out in the application form
  • Students specifically need to submit a certain class of information depending on the subject and the types of details available.
  • Optional information that one needs to submit along with their application

You will also need to submit an $85 fee per application form. Also, learn the different deadlines for application submission to Rice University before you start filling out the application.

Rice University application deadline 2022 & 2023

Rice University is open for admissions and offers large window to students who are interested in sending their applications to them. Their deadlines must be met even though they have arrangements for late applications. But for late applications, there may be some modulations that do not suit your needs thus it is better to stick to this one.

Rice University is still open for some applications. Check the deadlines differ for Rice University and will include all the below-mentioned dates.

Rice University DeadlineRegular Decision MaterialsEarly DecisionShepherd School of Music
SAT last date & ACTDecember 2022September (SAT) & October (ACT)December 2022
Rice Senior Interview2nd December 2022Nov. 22Dec. 1 2022
Rice writing supplement/Common Application/ Scoir Coalition/Regular Decision4th January 2023Nov. 1 2022Dec. 32022
Alumni Interview6th January 2023Nov. 3 2022Jan. 62022

Rice University application fee

The Rice University application fee will be $85 per application. It is a non-refundable fee, which means that even if you are not selected by the university, you will still not be able to claim the money you paid as an application fee back. The non-refundable fee needs to be paid online.

Rice University acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of a university varies from one to the next. It depends primarily on the number of students applying to them. Also on the university’s reputation and provided facilities, along with the available streams The more popular the university is, the less chance students have of getting admission to that particular university.

Rice University’s overall acceptance rate ranges between 9 and 11.1%. Rice is made up of eight schools, and there are residential colleges under them. You cannot get into Rice University easily, and it will take a GPA score of more than 3.0-4.12 to walk past their doors.

Rice University admission requirements for international students

The admission requirements will differ depending on the stream and subject. They will also differ depending on the degree level and complexity. But on average, there are some general requirements that will never change.

The Rice University application means you will need to submit the following:

  1. SAT and ACT forms need to be submitted.
  2. A personal statement or an essay is necessary to submit for all freshmen.
  3. Two recommendation letters are mandatory.
  4. Everyone must pay the $85 application fee.
  5. Proper identification is also a must.
  6. A GPA score for the candidate needs to be added.
  7. You must have the 75th percentile for reading, writing, composition, and mathematics.
  8. Official transcripts must also be submitted with your application.

Rice University IELTS requirement

Those students whose first language is not English will need to prove their English proficiency if they seek admission to universities in the US. Thus, students will need to take TOEFL or IELTS.

Rice generally considers IELTS as their standard for measuring the English proficiency of students applying to their universities.

The foreign nationals must submit the details of their English language proficiency test. Every student needs to have a proficiency of 7.0 in IELTS, and TOEFL takers must have 90 or above.

Those who take the Duolingo test need to get at least a minimum score of 115. Along with domestic students, international students also need to submit their Basic English test scores from their school.

It has been announced that beginning in 2023, they will no longer use the ITP Plus tests, but will instead rely on supplemental material obtained through Vericant.

One can directly report scores to Rice through the Rice University Graduate Admissions Studies.


Eligible candidates need to understand that Rice will offer them a seat only when they fulfill certain eligibility conditions and also meet appropriate documentation requirements.

There are no specific eligibility metrics for joining Rice University for your education.

  • Rice University applicants must fulfill the required age requirements and qualify for the subject they apply for.
  • A required GPA is a must for all, and no one will be able to take the courses if they do not fall within the cutoff GPA percentage decided by the board for a particular subject.
  • They must declare their parents’ income levels to ensure that they can take on any challenges that come up during the course.
  • They must target the following credits: English 4, Social Studies, Laboratory Science, and Foreign Language 2 each, Mathematics, and 3 additional credits.
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How to apply?

To apply for Rice University studies, you must first start by submitting an application of interest, where you have to choose the subjects you are most interested in for your studies.

Rice University application

Choose from the list of schools available under Rice by following this link.

Find out the cost of studies and the financial support available to students, and also verify the facts and statistics.

Next, create an account for yourself by adding all essential details to the application form. Add your email address, first name, last name, and birth date.

Online account Rice

Start the application form, including personal information, educational detail, income-related information, and other related questions and prompts.

Personal information is all about your citizenship details, name, age, and other demographic details. Also, you will need to state your income details with the application, which need not be your income alone but also your family’s income in case they are supporting you for the course.

Additionally, you must attach the required documents that will provide proof of your stated facts.

Rice University application fee waiver

Fee waiver is a service that allows students applying to their university to avoid paying the $85. application fee.Rice grants fee waivers to the following graduation programs:

  • USA Mentors for Education applicants
  • Graduate Education Alliance and Professoriate Fellows
  • Those who have Fulbright scholarships
  • Undergraduate presenters at the Gulf Coast Research Symposium
  • Teacher Recruitment Institute programmes
  • McNair scholars can also seek a fee waiver.
  • Mellon Mays Fellows will also seek it.
  • National GEM Consortium fellows and National Name Exchange fellows can also get it.
  • Opportunity Fund scholars and Vietnam Education Foundation fellows can also seek it.

In 2023, Rice is also providing fee waivers to doctoral fellows who have graduated from Texas and the bordering states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Even if the students have a permanent address in these states, they can still get the fee waiver facility.

The Rice fee waiver is, however, not applicable to Jones School of Business fellows.

Rice University fee waiver for international students

International applicants from anywhere across the world cannot request a fee waiver while applying for the available courses.

How do I log in?

To login to the Rice University site, you can use the following link:

Incorporate your email address and password, and then click on the “Sign in” tab.

Login details Rice

To register, you must add your email address and first and last names, along with your birth date.

Next, add the temporary PIN that comes to your email address. Add your birth date again, and then click the login tab to finish the registration process. The entire process will take less than ten minutes for an applicant before they can create an online account in the portal.

Rice login process

How to check Rice University application status?

Mostly for early-decision plans, the results will be out by the middle of December.

For regular admissions, decisions will be given by the first of April.

Usually, since Rice requires the creation of an online account in their portal, you will need to check the status of your application directly from your online account.

You could also contact the concerned school about it if you do not receive a decision on your online portal.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Rice University accept late applications?

Almost every college and university has a provision for late applications. However, you might have to check with the concerned department you are interested in to see if they would be willing to consider your late application. Not all departments at Rice might be willing to do so. However, if they are open, as the Astronomy and Physics department is, they will accept applications until April 1, 2023.

What GPA do you need to get into Rice?

Each term and department will have a different GPA requirement, which can range from 3.0 to 4.5. If the student does not have the required GPA, they might want to find a university where their GPA scores seem to fit. Those who do have a GPA might still need to fight against all odds, as admissions are highly competitive, with only 9–11.5% of students getting their seats registered annually.

Is Rice a hard school to get into?

Along with your GPA of 4.2, you might also need to be the top student in your class or have some other distinctive ability that locks you in with them.

Your extracurricular activities are also an essential component of your admission criteria. If you wish to participate in any of their programs, do not forget to list all the valuable activities you do when not in school.

Additionally, your SAT, ACT, and IELTS scores also matter. Your references are also useful because they tell the selectors a lot about a student and their abilities.

Only those who have impeccable documents and results that can outshine others have the ability to get into the university easily. But those who do not have everything set in place need not be disheartened; as they too might be offered a seat if there is something worth noticing in the student’s profile.


Here’s everything you need to know about those applying to Rice University’s colleges and educational institutions. From the varied streams available, you can choose any and use them to get a better result and future for yourself. Read all of the important details from this page and figure out what makes you nervous. Starting from the application process to the application requirements, eligibility, and required qualifications, you can find your answers here about Rice University.

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