How to GET SafePass Cyprus (Complete Guide)?

Update: The Safe Cyprus pass is no longer required as decided recently.

What is SafePass Cyprus application?

Cyprus has upgraded its arrangements of managing travelers in the second year of Covid-19 and has gone a step ahead of many nations by introducing a smartphone app that can serve as proof of vaccination and Covid-19 RT-PCR testing or rapid testing. Travelers in Cyprus don’t need to carry a vaccination card or negative Covid-19 test in the form of a hardcopy result any longer. 

The permanent secretary of the deputy minister for research, innovation, and digital policy announced recently that people will soon be able to download the SafePass or CovPass app on their mobile phones.

The prime reason to launch the app is to expedite the process of displaying the passes and approving the movement of people. It is also introduced with the purpose of facilitating the traveling of Cypriot citizens within European Union countries.

The app development team is ready with the application and has submitted it to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for approval.

The Cypriot citizens must display the app while entering restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, event halls, live music venues, bars, pubs, worship places, open and enclosed sports stadiums. Without the app, people would not be allowed to enter public places or to travel across the EU and within Cyprus.

SafePass Cyprus requirements

People have to be either:

  • Fully vaccinated.
  • Or else should have recovered from Covid-19 in not less than six months of time.
  • Or should have tested negative in RT-PCR testing or rapid testing for Covid-19 in not less than three weeks span.
  • Those who cannot be vaccinated such as youths aged between 12 to 15 years and adults who are suffering from serious illnesses and are considered not fit for the jab, should have tested negative for Covid-19 in not less than three days time span.
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How to get SafePass Cyprus?

The app will be shortly available for download on the Play Store or App Store. Currently, the designed app is under review in both the platforms.

How to SafePass Cyprus app download?

Android users can get hold of the app by downloading it from the Google Play Store. 

iPhone users can find the CovPass Cyprus app on the App Store and install it from there by authenticating with their Apple Passcode or fingerprint.

How to use SafePass Cyprus app?

The SafePass app has designed to be user-friendly. It will automatically capture the information of the users either being vaccinated or having been tested for Covid-19 in a span of not less than three weeks or having recovered from Covid-19 in not less than 6 months. The app will display the most relevant data and help the users to present it to the authorities easily. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you need the pass still in 2022?

No, you will not need the pass as of this year. It will only be required when Covid conditions were more morbid but not now.

How long was the Safe pass valid?

It lasts for one full year and the pass can be used during the whole year without any hindrances.


The Safe pass is no longer required and even though it was a wonderful way to move around but now it is no more essential and thus, it is even more better. Read the details from here to understand better.

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