San Francisco Guaranteed Income Transgender Application Guide

Low-income groups are vulnerable primarily due to lack of money and most importantly have always been abused for their various inabilities. On top of that, if the low-income individuals are from the transgender community, it becomes an even more aggressive battle. To mitigate it and to recognize their rights there is a plan in place in San Francisco that is known as the San Francisco Transgender Guaranteed Income program.

What is San Francisco Transgender Guaranteed Income Application?

As part of this program, the San Francisco mayor, London Breed has declared a scheme for low-income group transgender. Under this scheme, 55 individuals belonging to the transgender (transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, or intersex) community will be capable of receiving $1200 over 18 months. The city is a costly place to live and those who try to make a living there need to be ready with a minimum of $3000 towards rent. For individuals surviving in the city $1200 might not be enough but then if people follow the adage, “something is better than nothing,” they must admit it will work in their favor for sure.

The mayor also promised that she will keep creating many such programs for its Trans population shortly. But, right now this is one program that can offer some good to the community.

The program will run its scheduled course from January 2023 to June 2024.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to a certain section of society undoubtedly. Through the program, the mayor plans to uplift the cause of Trans people in the community. But to be eligible for the program, individuals need to fulfill a certain category and must fulfill the below conditions.

  • Individuals need to be over 18 years to be able to participate in the program.
  • Per monthly income of the participating individuals cannot be above $600 per individual.
  • Those who reside only within San Francisco limits can participate and it is irrespective of the county or the city.
  • They must belong to any of the groups – transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, or intersex (TGI) people.
  • These individuals must belong to Black, indigenous or colored communities (BIPOC).
  • Even individuals belonging to this community living with disabilities, and illnesses, Spanish-speaking citizens, and vulnerable groups including those in the sex trade or incarcerated groups can also send in their applications.

How to Apply for San Francisco guaranteed income Transgender?

Those who wish to apply for the San Francisco Guaranteed Income Transgender program can choose between either of the two application options.

  1. Online application for Guaranteed Income Transgender program by visiting to their website i.e
  2. Over the phone also an application can be filed and that can only be done by calling 415-213-1717.
  3. Even in-person applications will also be accepted if someone fills it and mails it to 1735 Mission St. in San Francisco during regular hours or visits the office. To fill out an application, you must first download it from the given link.
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For online application, follow the below steps to complete the application.

  • Start your G.I.F.T application by clicking on the Apply tab provided in the below screenshot.
San Francisco transgender guaranteed income application
  • Include your name, and then upload all the essential requirement files. Complete the captcha and then click on the Submit tab.
G.I.F.T application details online

What Are the Application Requirements?

There are not many application requirements for those who wish to participate in the San Francisco Guaranteed Income Transgender program.

  1. Participating applicants must be able to upload a photo identity card for verification.
  2. Individuals must provide their address and also provide proof of address. Any of these documents can be submitted as proof;
  3. Lease agreement
  4. An official mail from your boss
  5. Any of the available utility bills like internet, phone, or even PGE
  6. If there is any verification letter confirming an individual’s homelessness like a confirmation from a shelter home, drop-in center, healthcare expert, or any of the social service organizations.
  7. Income proof is also a must and it could be any verifiable document that can help determine that the individual’s total earnings are not more than $600.
  8. Pay stubs
  9. W2 form
  10. SSI or SSDI award certificates
  11. Financial Aid letters for students
  12. A letter with self-attestation
  13. Even bank statements can work in this regard
  14. If chosen every three months they must be ready to complete a survey during the entire period of receipt of funds.
  15. Applicants must submit information release for the G.I.F.T program from Lyon-Martin to the Transgender District including the San Francisco City & County.

Program Benefits

These are the following program benefits as provided below.

  • The program is an important step towards establishing equality between citizens irrespective of their gender choices and classifications.
  • Through the program, support is being extended to one of the most deprived communities bringing the world to par with their needs.
  • The G.I.F.T program will also help determine the amount of help that might be required for making a full-fledged program run thoroughly.
  • Those who wish to use the program for their monetary benefit can go ahead and apply for it.
  • It is a tiny step towards bridging the gaps between different existing communities and spreading a feeling of equality and equanimity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the application open for G.I.F.T?

The applications are open from 15 November 2022 to 15 December 2022. Anyone who needs the money can send in their application to G.I.F.T using the online form available on their website.

Can undocumented people apply for the G.I.F.T program?

Yes, as per the current eligibility criteria, even undocumented people can send in their applications.

What happens to those who lose their G.I.F.T card?

Those who lose the G.I.F.T card must immediately contact Lyon-Martin Representative to be able to receive a new card.


Here is everything that you need to know about the G.I.F.T program. If you belong to the transgender community and are eligible to participate, do fill in the details quickly. To know more about the program, tune in with the process mentioned here.

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