Sasol bursary online application Form (Check Deadline)

The South African citizen will now get so many of their study costs covered from registration fees to your tuition fees and many more. The SASOL Bursary is a talent program that is done by the South African people for students.

Here the students participate and they go for a selection interview if they meet certain criteria. This program aims to support students through the developmental process as well as through the final process.

How to apply for Sasol bursary online application?

sasol bursary online application

To apply for the Sasol Bursary online application follow these steps:-

  • Visit the website sasolbursaries portal
  • Go to apply option
  • Then fill in the requirements for creating an account
  • Give your name, surname, phone number, South African Id, email, and confirm the email
  • Next login into the official website and gain tap on “apply”
  • Now the form will open fill the form step by step to apply for the program

Application Requirements

  • South African Citizen Id
  • The person has to go under Psychometric interview
  • For accredited South African University full-time studies one needs to complete an academic degree here.

These are the general requirements and based on different degrees and subjects the application requirements will vary. All the candidates who wished to apply must have at least these requirements.


One must be dependent on someone who is a full-time domestic employee of Sasol. This means the parents of the children must be working as full-time employees here for at least  1 year as of the last date. Before the last date, the employee should be at least 1 year otherwise the candidate will not be applicable.

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Sasol Bursary Closing Date

The last date to apply for the Sasol Bursary 2023 is 12 May 2023.

What does Sasol bursary cover?

These are the cost that Sasol Bursary covers:-

  • Meals
  • accommodation in residence or equivalent price for it
  • registration fees
  • full tuition fees,
  • exam fees
  • around R12 000 per year for books and pocket money.

Is Sasol bursary open?

These are some of the Bursary that is still opened:-

  • KPMG Bursary Scholarship: SAICA Accredited Chartered Accountants. …
  • IMPALA PLATINUM Bursary Scholarship IMPLANTS is Open. …
  • Department of Health Bursary Scholarship: KZN Health Bursaries. …
  • HULAMIN Bursary Scholarship: Engineering and Accounting

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