How to change Number on SASSA SRD application?

The (Special Relief and Distress) SRD 350 grant is a lifesaver for many in South Africa. There are several instances where the beneficiaries of the SRD grant wish to change their contact details. Several reasons why such a change is requested includes;

  • Loss of mobile phones
  • Sim loss in any unprecedented situation
  • If earlier an individual was using someone else’s phone number and if that number is not readily available now. It could also be that the beneficiary now has their own number.

Can you change SASSA SRD phone number?

The first step, according to SASSA, is for the beneficiary to dial 0800 60 10 11. It is a toll-free number, and the hotline can never be reached, no matter how hard one tries. The line is being reached by thousands, and a minute or two to get through is hard to find.

The next suggestion from Sassa is to swap one’s SIM number. It means you can use a new SIM and request that your mobile operator give you the previous number you were using earlier. But this swapping is possible only when the SIM card belongs to you.

However, in situations where the SIM card belongs to someone else, you have no choice but to use the hotline number to reach out to them and ultimately change it.

  • Alternatively, you can also check your status online by going to the website address, which is here.
Sassa contact
  • Click on it to start the application. Submit your application ID and application ID, and then click on the “Submit” tab.
Sassa status
  • After the next screen opens up, you need to enter your old mobile phone number and replace it with your new phone number. Enter it again, check other details, and then confirm the information change.

How to change Number on SASSA application?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will contact you in the future using the phone number you provide. But if you fail to provide the right information, it could be difficult for them to reach out to you even if you are chosen for their program.

  1. If you have an application ID, you can straightway go to their website.
  • Find the option that tells you how to change your contact details.
  • Click to add your application ID and submit.
  • Provide your contact number, email address, and reason for which you wish to change your email address.
  • Add the OTP that comes with your new number and then press the “Submit” tab.

2. Those without an application ID can follow the below process;

  • Click on the Sassa application status after going to the site.
  • Add your ID number and then enter your old phone number when you get to the screen.
  • Once your application ID gets created after this step, you can then use it to change your contact number.
  • Use the steps mentioned in the earlier process.
  • Send a mail to their official email address ([email protected]). Tell them the reason why you want to change the official email address.
  • You can also call them at the toll-free number called 0800 60 10 11.
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How to change account number on SASSA?

To alter your account number on SASSA SRD, you must follow these steps.

  • Visit the SRD website and look for the portion that asks about changing the bank account number.
  • Enter your ID number, and then click on the SMS containing the secure link.
  • After clicking the link, enter all your essential details in the space provided, including your account number and account name.
  • Since October 2022, another one-year extension is guaranteed to the beneficiaries until March 2024, so if you have already switched over to a different bank, you will need to update the details with Sassa.

SASSA Contact Details

Contact details differ from one province to another. Here are a few of them;

  1. Gauteng and Mpumalanga: You can contact Mr. Themba Matlou, whose email is [email protected].
  2. Ms Zodwa Mvulane should be contacted in Limpopo and the North West; her email address is [email protected].
  3. For the Free State and Northern Cape, please contact Mr Mohodi Tsosane at [email protected].
  4. KwaZulu Natal residents should contact Mr. Thamo Mzobe via email at [email protected].
  5. Eastern Cape residents can reach out to Mr. Zanoxolo Mpeta at [email protected].
  6. Western Cape beneficiaries can contact Mr. Abraham Mahlangu at [email protected].

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much increase for SASSA grants 2023?

The grants are no longer R350. They have increased to R510, with a R20 increase on April 1, 2023, and an additional R10 on October 1, 2023.

When can I collect my SASSA R350 grant?

With the post office no longer paying the grants, more and more people are crowding the retail stores. As a result, the government is expanding the number of retail outlets. Recently, Pick n Pay, Boxer, Pep and Spaza got added to the list.

Alternately, you can also collect it at the bank specified by you in the application.

Do I have to reapply for r350 SASSA grant?

As per the Social development department, recipients of the R350 grant need to apply once every three months to keep a continuous flow of the SASSA SRD grants.

How long does SASSA take to change phone number?

An average of three weeks or 21 days is what it might take to change your current phone number.


Here’s all of what you can do with the SRD grants from SASSA. Changing contact numbers and banks are the two most common types of changes that people make. Try to find out more about each category and how to alter them. Read more about other SRD grant details.

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