SBA Disaster Loan Application Online & Check status

The SBA disaster loan application will entitle people to get paid for the repair and reconstruction of non-farm, private sector properties. It is the only Federal assistance that is not just limited to small businesses alone. The money is given to ensure the recovery of businesses and homeowners from disasters. It covers all those expenses that are not covered by the insurance money. To apply, you can try their online route or can fill out the form by visiting their nearby offices.

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) is continuing even in 2022. Businesses that received a reduced pay notice or those companies seeking a loan modification up to the maximum of $2 million can try two strategic ways to access SBA EIDL funds.

Increasing loan limits is a typical manual process that needs a letter. The maximum amount of loans has changed over the past few years several times. They have recently closed the RRF (Restaurant Revitalization Fund). However, you can no longer make fresh applications as of 01st January 2022. They are still considering applications submitted before the end of the deadline. Additionally, if you were declined previously, you can apply in the six-month span and that will not be considered a fresh application.

How to Apply for SBA Disaster Loan application Online?

Usually, SBA Disaster Loan can be applied for working capital and towards normal expenses that cover healthcare, rent, utilities, and fixed debt payments. These are those kinds of expenses that could have ideally been met had the situations been normal.

There are different types of Disaster SBA Loans which include;

track sba disaster loan application
  1. Mitigation assistance

It covers flood, wind, wildfire, and earthquake mitigation loans. Assistance is provided to people who face such circumstances.

2. Economic injury disaster loans

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan can be filled in for small businesses, small agricultural co-operatives, and most non-profit private organizations.

3. Physical damage loans

Home and personal property loans and business physical disaster loans come under the physical damage loans.

4. Military reservist loan

SBA disaster loans are also applicable for losses that are not within the cover of other personal and business expenses. It also includes those loans that one could pay had the COVID-19 disaster not occurred.

The SBA disaster loan application form is available online. Follow the below process to fill it,

  • – Visit the official website.
  • – Now Click on “Apply for Disaster Loans”
sba disaster loan
  • – This will redirect you to the new page. Again click on “Apply for a disaster loan”
  • – Next, fill out the online application with the requisite information.
  • – Attach all the necessary documentation required for preparing the loan application.
  • – Your credits would be reviewed by SBA and if necessary further documentation would be requested.
  • – Once the officials approve your loan, you can either accept it or decline it, based on your necessities.
  • – After 11 months, disaster loan repayments will begin for the applicant.
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How to check the Application status?

To track the SBA Disaster loan application status, users can follow the below three processes;

  • – Through the SBA website, registered users can check their Covid-19 SBA loan application status online.
  • – If by chance, you have mailed them your application, then checking the application status over the phone is the best method. You have to call 1-800-659-2955.
  • – You can email them at [email protected].

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How to fill out an SBA disaster loan application for an independent contractor?

covid 19 sba disaster loan status

To fill out the SBA disaster loan check out the below process and follow it step by step to ensure you can complete the online application form with all the information.

Fill the following disclosures

  1. Firstly, select the type of business you do.
  2. You will have to check all those boxes which make you eligible for application.

Forms to fill when making an application

If you are reapplying, note you need to complete the following forms as per your business type.

Form TypeBusiness Type
SBA Form 5If you are applying for a business loan
SBA Form 413If you own 20% of a business you will have to submit this form as the personal financial statement
SBA Form 1368Sales data per month with forecasts
SBA Form 2202Liability schedule
IRS Form 4506-T Tax Return Transcript Request is required from everyone who own 20% or more of a business
Additional InformationPersonal/Business tax return, year end & interim statements, monthwise sales figures

Information about your business

  1. Legal Name of the applicant
  2. Phone number of your business
  3. Gross income values, cost of goods sold, and all the compensations received from other business sources.

Filling of Business owner’s application and other additional information

It would cover every other detail about the business owner and also additional information encircling your business. 

How to log in for the SBA Loan application?

To enter the SBA site, you need the first register with the site. Register yourself on the SBA site.

  • – Enter your first name and last name in the SBA form.
  • – You must enter your email address and once again you have to re-confirm your email address.
  • – Click on the blue Next button.
  • – On the next page, you need to create a password.
  • – You will receive a confirmation message and then,
  • – Once you click on the confirmation link, you can do a status login or sign in to the site with your email and password.

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How to cancel the SBA disaster loan application?

 To cancel the loan application form, follow the below steps.

  1. You must send in your request via email to [email protected].
  2. Must include your loan name and number in the application.
  3. You can also call them to cancel the loan application.
  4. You can also cancel the loan application from the site where you applied for it. Check the status of the application and before SBA begins reviewing, you can cancel it from the site.
  5. If the loan is already under review, you can wait for an officer to contact you. Once they contact you, you can tell them about your plan and can request cancellation as instructed by the officer.


If you have not submitted previously, do submit the application again as per the instructions provided in the decline letter. Read the complete details about the application process from this segment.

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