Schengen Visa Application Requirements, Eligibility (Guide)

It is issued on the basis of the visa code regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009. A Schengen visa application is a permit people need to stay in any of the member states in the Schengen region. The visa is sanctioned for a 90-day stay within a 180-day period.

There are 26 EU nations in the Schengen visa list and out of them 22 are member states.

Schengen visa issuing countries are given below:

The Czech RepublicDenmark
The NetherlandsSpain

You can enter any country based on the number of times indicated in the visa and it can be anywhere between one, two or multiple times.

How to apply for a Schengen visa application?

To apply for the Schengen visa, you need to book an appointment with them. Most of the visa offices allow online requests with the Consulate. Additionally, you will also have to fill out an application form.

The Schengen visa application irrespective of the country has almost a similar visa format.

A few essential segments of the Visa application will include the following;

  • Personal information like name, birth details, nationality, sex, civil status, national identity number, travel document type and also parental authority details for minors.
Schengen Visa Application
  • Background details and other related information
Schengen online application
  • Purpose of visit to the Schengen region and your biometric data detail storage information for Schengen visa.
Schenge online apply
  • Financial details around the trip and other such important details
Schengen apply here

You have to submit it personally or mail the application form to them.

What are the requirements for filling out a Schengen visa application?

You would need to fulfill the following document requirements when filling up the Schengen visa application form.

  • You will need to provide the VISA application form
  • A valid passport is a must to submit for all family members or individuals traveling together
  • Two photos identical to each other
  • If you own a travel insurance policy submit that as well
  • Plans for return or round trip travel itinerary
  • Financial details about the trip
  • Accommodation proof
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What is the Schengen visa application process?

There are a few steps in the process you need to find out before you start your Schengen application process.

  • Figure out the Visa type you need before starting the application process

There are different kinds of visas that you can apply for transit, tourism, business, journalist, culture & sports activity visa, study visa, visa for medical reasons, and one for visiting friends or even your family

  • Search the place where you need to send in your application- embassy, consulates, visa center, or online.
  • Check on the most suitable time for sending your application: The earliest you can apply for a visa is six months before you begin your trip and the latest is 15 days from your date of travel. It is always recommended to apply 21 days before the trip.
  • Book an online appointment with the consulate
  • Complete the Visa application and then collect all the requisite documents
  • Attend your Visa interview and also submit your Visa fees. For a Schengen visa, you need to pay €80 per person for each of the countries.
  • Wait to get an answer for the application you submitted.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you apply for a Schengen visa from a country where you are not a resident?

You can always apply for a Schengen visa even if you are in a non-resident country and all you need to do is provide a reason for the same.

Do you have to handover the documents to the Schengen Visa personally?

It is mandatory to handover the documents to the Schengen Visa personally during the Visa interview.


You can additionally extend the Schengen Visa if a necessity arises. You need to provide additional details and proof for applying for an extension. Each of the countries might have slight variations in the application process. The approval process might take a minimum of six working days. The documentation requirement varies for airport transit, businesses, cultural, religious, sports, health, and internship or training related visits. Scientists, seamen, tourism, trade fair and family and friends’ visitation will need to submit an altogether different set of documents.

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