Scottish Power warm Home Discount Application 2024

What is the Scottish Power Home Discount?

Charis manages the warm home discount facility for homes on behalf of Scottish Power. For the coming winter, Charis has announced £140 for the electricity charges by the next 31st of March. With the help of a seasonal scheme, households that have difficulty keeping warm during the winter can apply. Their funds are limited so more often people who apply early can get discounts.

The money is not given to you but is given off as a one-time discount on one of your bills that seems to be the highest between October and March. For the gas bill also you can get a discount if the supplier for electricity and gas is the same.

Who is Eligible for Scottish power warm home?

Core group 1 is the one where individuals will mandatorily get the discount as there is either an elderly or a child in these homes.

Core group 2 is the broader group where there is a chance to get the discount but people will need to intimate and talk it out with their electricity and gas supplier. This group is the one that has low earnings and earns barely.

For those who are part of pre-paying or pay-as-you-go electricity meter board, your supplier can tell you about the discount.

For park homes, applications come up in autumn as their application way is different from the rest.

Core GroupBroader Group
Your partner or you are a domestic customer of Scottish PowerYou or your partner was with Scottish Power supplier before 04th July 2021.
Only if Scottish Power was your energy supplier before 04th July 2021 can you apply for this discount.The account is either in your name or your partner’s name
Pension credit is the guarantee credit element you are entitled to.You benefit in one of the ways from the government for being in the low-income group:
Income-Based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Income Support
Universal Credit
Income Related Employment Support Allowance 
Those with savings credit are also capable of being a part of the core groupAdditionally, if you have an elderly or a child at home, you can be eligible for it.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the Scottish Power warm house discount will include fulfilling the following terms and conditions.

  • If you have a child who fulfills any of the below criteria as;
  • The child is below 5 years.
  • Your child is below 18 years.
  • They are enrolled in a full-time education program
  • The child is enrolled in the program to receive full-school meals
  • The family receives any of the following benefits that include;
  • Child tax credit facilities
  • Trying to obtain a tax credit for a severely disabled child
  • If the family receives the income-related benefit for a disabled child.
  • The elderly in the family receive a pension, high pension, or enhanced pension.
  • They have restricted work capability as per regulations 29 and 30 according to the Universal credit regulations 2013 (a).
  • The individual receives a disabled child benefit element.
  • If a family receives the following;
  • Disability living allowance,
  • Personal independence payment,
  • Incapability benefits and
  • Attendance allowance.
  • If the person is aged 65 or older and the energy bill stands for more than 10% of your family’s income.
  • Add your electricity bill and gas bill.
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Scottish power warm home discount application 2023

When the application season opens in October, you must send in your online applications if you fall into the broader group.

For core group individuals, they need not apply for the power warm home discount. If you qualify, you will automatically get a mail that starts with either M or U.

Those whose bill details start with M are sure with Scottish Power before 4th July 2021.

People who have their bill details starting with M might need to verify with whom they were operating before Scottish Power.

For the broader group, however, there is a need to apply only after they confirm with their supplier if they qualify for the warm home discount.

The addition of the following is a must in the online application.

  1. Personal details like your name, address, insurance number and a valid ID other than your insurance details.
  2. Professional details like your source of income, annual income details and other such essential information.
  3. Income details of the entire family must be entered in the given sections.


Even though you get no money in hand but your money goes to them as a voucher for the highest bills between October to March. The benefits will expand for the highest bill months that majorly have to do a lot with room heating requirements that arise after October.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Scottish Power offer warm home discount?

Yes, the Warm Home Discount program is designed to support households that struggle to pay their electricity bills. Whenever the bills are high, you can expect a subsidy from their end.

When to apply for warm home discount Scottish power?

The last dispatch for 2021 and 2022 was made in March 2022. The phone lines will open again somewhere from 14th November 2022 and will remain open until 31st March 2023 for Core groups 1 and 2 so that they can understand if they are capable of getting the offer.


The Scottish power warm home discount is a good way to stay warm on cold winter days. They can pay the bills for the highest billing months in the cold winter months. The voucher can go a long way to subsidize your low-income status amid celebrations.

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