SCRIE Application Guide – Know Requirements & Eligibility

What is SCRIE application?

SCRIE denotes a Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption application. If you are in New York, you might want to go through the SCRIE application process. Their laws may protect you from certain types of rent increases. If you don’t apply for SCRIE, your benefits will not reflect automatically, so if you want the benefits, you must apply through the given ways.

Your SCRIE applications will ensure that any extra rent collected by your landlord is deducted from their account and deposited into the NYC property taxes account. You can be a fresh applicant or a renewing applicant.

It is applicable only to tenants present in New York City. Your rights will be determined by the type of housing you have rented for yourself. The laws and rights might be different for different kinds of homes. The most beneficial aspect of SCRIE is that the landlord can never deny being a part of it and cannot even prevent you from being a part of it.

Those who relocate from their homes and change rental accommodations can apply for portability. Filing for a portability application must be done within 30 days from the time you plan to change your address.

Who is Eligible for SCRIE?

You would only be eligible if you fulfill the following criteria;

  1. You are 62 years old at the time of application.
  2. After allowing deductions, you have a total household income of $50,000. Deductions allowed will include federal, state, Medicare, and Social Security-related taxes.
  3. More than one-third of your household income goes towards the payment of rent.
  4. Your name must appear on the rent or lease agreement wherein you are granted successful rights to the apartment.
  5. Those who live in private homes, New York City Housing Authority developments, or obtain Section 8 rental subsidies won’t be eligible to apply.
  6. Those who live in Mitchell Lama Housing must send in their applications for SCRIE using the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

SCRIE application:- Required documents

These are the following documents one must produce when filling out the SCRIE application form.

  1. Those aged 62 and up are required to provide proof of age.
  2. Your lease document from the previous and current owners must be submitted.
  3. Income verification for each household member is required.
  4. Those already residing in rent-controlled apartments must submit their Maximum Collection Rent document instead of the rent document.
  5. If someone resides in a rent-controlled hotel, they will need to submit proof of the same.
  6. If DHR issues any MCI orders during this period, those also need to be submitted.
  7. If required, corresponding documents must also be submitted by people.

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Those who wish to receive the benefits must understand that they are intended to protect the rights of those with low incomes who pay rent that exceeds a large portion of their earnings.

It is ideal for those over the age of 62, as well as those earning less than $50000 per year.

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A renewal extension is provided for six months and more if the tenant can show a good reason for it. Hospitalization, flood, fire, or COVID-19 can help get a 6-month extension easily.

How to apply for SCRIE?

To apply for the SCRIE application, here is what you must do as part of the process.

  • You have to login to the site if you have an account. If you don’t have an account, you need to first register with the site
  • To register, you must either create a fresh account or use any of the social media profiles for it like Yahoo, LinkedIn, Employees, Microsoft, or other specified in the list.
SCRIE login

If you wish to register an account, you can click on the Create Account tab and fill in your email, username, password, and security questions.

Create Account SCRIE

Post filling out the registration form, you can go ahead and fill up the application form.

The application form will have the following segments to fill;

  • Specifics about the applicant.
  • Tenant representative information
  • Income details for household members
  • Certification
  • Final checklist before mailing
Applicant information SCRIE
Tenant Information
Signature page for SCRIE

If you fill up all the details and then add the required documentation, you can submit the form online.

Additionally, you can also submit the form along with the supporting documents by sending it to the New York City Department of Finance, Rent Freeze Program (SCRIE), P.O. Box 3179, Union, NJ 07083.

How to check SCRIE application status?

They would update the weekly SCRIE application status on their website. If you wish to find out, you need to go online and search for your particular county. To do this, you must have a docket number of your own.

SCRIE details

Alternatively, you can try to call them at 311 or 212-NEW YORK (212-639-9675). Give them your docket number and confirm the status with them.


You can file the application whenever the need arises and whenever you reach the age where you can start filing for SCRIE benefits. There is no fixed date. Income information can be submitted for the past two years prior to the application date.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will SCRIE lower your rent?

SCRIE will not lower your rent, but will instead freeze it wherever it is. SCRIE works for the benefit of elderly citizens and will freeze the rent wherever it is thereby bringing relief to the tenants.

What kind of accommodations does SCRIE cover?

It will cover rent-stabilized, rent-controlled, Mitchell Lama, and some other known developments with government assistance. You would not get your accommodations in an unregulated market.

Do you have to report a roommate who stays with you?

No, if the roommate is not family, you do not have to report their income. You can keep their income even if they are paying you rent for the accommodations they share with you.

Can landlords refuse SCRIE orders?

The law does not allow one to refuse SCRIE orders, and landlords will undoubtedly have to obey them. They cannot even stop or prevent the tenant from entering it.


Here is what you need to know about how to apply for SCRIE: If you are a tenant whose income and age suit SCRIE’s demands, but you live with those who get rental subsidies from SSN, you cannot participate. But if you are in a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled environment, do not miss the opportunity to apply, as you can greatly benefit from it.

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